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While his colleagues in crime mind-control the Riverdale adults and try to do so with the Riverdale High students, the Joker concentrates on getting the captive Jughead to see things his way.

'I know you're already with me, Mr. Jones. You see life as one. Big. JOKE.' )
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Jeff Parker's done a great job of separating the workable elements of the "Future Quest" component series from their parodies. A lot of that is done by jettisoning some of the characters who became the silliest. That's why Falcon 7/Phil Ken Sebben has a vastly reduced presence and Birdman's and Space Ghost's villains have been almost entirely absent apart from the more generic F.E.A.R. organization. (It's also why they didn't use Sealab 2020--there's no way anyone could take those characters seriously after Sealab 2021.)

But still, in this week's Future Quest #11, we do get a quick cameo from a character I'd been waiting to see since the start of the series...

And as a bonus, it's not really a spoiler since it's just conjecture )
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It's not one out of tune with the rest of Dynamite's work featuring King Features characters.

It's one that's a little more apparent, because of the exaggeration of Jesse Hamm's art.

The lightness of Jeff Parker's writing is also a bit more so than previous efforts.

Some of those were his. )
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Like Dynamite's last Flash series, it's written by Jeff Parker.

Unlike Dynamite's last Flash series, it's drawn by Jesse Hamm.

His art's definitely not Evan Shaner's.

That's not at all a bad thing. )
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The best of the two depends on the circumstances.

Those circumstances can depend on whom the thing's being done for.

They can depend on the mood of that person.

That can be estimated, correctly or not. )
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DC: The New Frontier + Hanna-Barbera characters = one of Rebirth's best team books today. Swear! Give it a chance when you have the...well, chance.  
Anyway, each backup contemporizes an HB-verse superhero's origins. This one, about healing from loss through giant-ass robotry, is about Frankenstein Jr. Check it!
Read more... )


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