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On one hand, I get it. Marvel Studios has the right to make changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jane Foster is an astro-physicist instead of a nurse-turned-doctor. Johann Schmidt was a scientist instead of a bellboy. Maria Hill doesn't start fights for no reason. Still...

Also confirmed was the casting of Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, A.K.A. Karma, A.K.A. Her, A.K.A. Kismet, who in comic books is a product of the same experiments that created Adam Warlock (A.K.A. Him) before ascending to cosmic power. According to Gunn, Ayesha comes from a “genetically-perfect people” named the Sovereign. She serves as their High Priestess and "is not a woman to be screwed with.”

When Adam Warlock met Her. Also, MCU speculation )
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The DCU Blog (before it becomes DnU) has the preview for the 80's retroactive story as the Reaper character comes back.

And a plea for those of you who surf the net about other things Batman.

Worst fears realized. )
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For some reason, the preview of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #50 came out the same day the issue did. In fact, rather late in the day the same day the issue did.
(I accidentally put BATMAN CHRONICLES for some reason. Sorry about that.)

Marc Guggenheim said he wanted to do a story about why Batman would join the Justice League and take on the "trappings" of a superhero.

The story itself begins with a rather dark chapter in Bat-history, before going to a double flashback of a much younger Batman and "Bruce Wayne in training" somewhere in China.

It doesn't take a detective. )


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