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In 1940 Jerry Siegel produced a script for a Superman story that would have totally changed the character's status-quo not only would it introduce is first real weakness (K-metal), but it would have changed his relationship with Lois Lane forever. The story was drawn up but canned, possibly due to pressure from the producer of the Radio Drama (but no one is sure for certain). Only bits and pieces survived until Mark Waid found the original script in the DC Archives, he re-typed the script and eventually a version was produced online using the script and as much of the 1940s art that has survived.

Now let us take a look at a few pages of "The K-Metal from Krypton,"

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As many of us know life is hard when your beautiful, and no one knows that better than Mr. Muscles! Now you can read about the most perfect man on earth and how he came to be!
Buns of Steel! )
Mr. Muscles was not alone in his perfection. Not only did he have his sidekick, Kid Muscles, but there was a Miss Muscles too! Outfits to Not work out in )

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Well, it seems that my Jon Juan posts were so popular that they actually costs me to exceed bandwidth on my Photobucket account. This hasn't happened since the internment camp post back on the original scans_daily. I'm impressed.

Jon Juan - Story 2 - Header

But enough with self-congratulating. Here is the last story in the only issue of Jon Juan:

Jon Juan goes to his namesake's home turf and actually comes off as sympathetic for once (10 pages under the cut) )

Well, that's it for the immortal super-lover - unless, of course, someone decides to revive him. Jon Juan is in public domain.

Tune in next time as I belately fulfill a months-old request and repost the Captain Courageous story where we see something I haven't seen in any other Golden Age story - interned Japanese-Americans treated even remotely sympathetically.
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In this installment, we find out the secret origin of one of Jerry Siegel''s more offbeat creations (and considering some of the stuff he created in late 40s - early 50s, that's saying something). But first, a little background.

Jon Juan was published in 1950 by Toby Press, a fairly minor publisher that's best remembered or lots of licensed adaptations, a horror superhero called the Purple Claw (who wound up playing an important backstory role in AC Comics' Femforce) and the dementedly amusing Super-Brat (a Denis-the-Menace-Meets-Superman-Parody character that deserves a post of his own). While Toby Press clearly intended to turn Jon Juan into ongoing series, only one issue was actually published - the issue where all the scans come from.


And, on a bizarre note, I recently discovered that Jon Juan was cited in Seduction of the Innocent. Somehow, I am not surprised.

In any case - on with the origin.

In which Jon flirts alot but doesn't get any action - again (6 pages under the cut) )

Tune in next time to get a peek inside Jon Juan's trophy room (of love) and watch him try to woo a woman on Don Juan's home turf.

EDIT: Because Photobucket is acting up, here is the direct link
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After Jerry Siegel got screwed out of the profits he should have rightfully earned from Superman's success, he tried several times to create something that would be just as successful, something that he would own this time around. Unfortunately, it never really worked out this way - but that's a whole other really, really sad story.

What I am about show you may well be one of the most bizarre, WTF-worthy thing Jerry Siegel ever wrote - and I've read his run on Mighty Crusaders. Meet Jon Juan - the Super-Lover.


The comic opens with a long intro that shows why Jon Juan was totally the coolest character in, like, ever:
This, dear readers, is why they invented the show - don't tell rule )

Wow that's a lot of hype. Can any creator possibly live up to that? Read on

In which our hero meets the most <strike>Aryan</strike> blonde Middle Eastern princess ever (17 pages under the cut) )

Tune in next time, when we reveal Jon Juan's fabulous origin - and what a fabulous origin it is.

EDIT: Because photobucket is acting up, here is the link to the gallery. (or you can just click on each picture one by one)

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Seeing [personal profile] superboyprime's Jimmy Olsen scans reminded me of this Silver Age classic:

From Jimmy Olsen #65, 1962. Select panels from a 7-page story.

Love, 5th Dimension style... )

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Don't believe me?

The Golden Age is considered to have begun with Action 1 and the appearance of Superman, as well as the Phantom, in 1937.

Doctor Occult was introduced in 1935 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, despite the names listed on the strips below according to Wiki, and hails from the action adventurer/detective schools. Comic Book Resources has a nice article on him here. But the scans are a little small, so I rustled up what I could. Read more... )
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Since DC recently announced a new Mighty Crusaders series I thought I'd take a moment to take a look back at the original Mighty Crusaders.

Here's the ending of Fly-Man #32, the story is "Eterno the Tyrant" written by Superman creator Jerry Seigel (billed under the pen-name Jerry Ess) and drawn by Paul Reinman (credited as Paul Are.)

5 pages of 30, You'll never guess how this ends. )

Title: Mighty Crusaders
Creator: Jerry Seigel
Creator: Paul Reinman
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Actually, I am misleading you on the title. While we all save our pennies for our beloved heroes weekly adventures, someone shelved out a lot of cash for a comic book. NPR has the story.

Action Comics #1 sold for One Million dollars  )
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I would rather just consider this the quintessential Mighty Crusaders page, and consider the series the foremost example of pure dada in comics. Or, perhaps, anywhere.


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