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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #45: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Writers for #44: Adam Beechman
Artist for #45: Jim Calafiore
Artist for #44: Carlos Magno
Inkers for #45: Mark McKenna
Inker for #44: Jay Leisten
Colorist for #45: Tom Chu
Colorist for #44: Rod Reis
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

Hey, it's been a while since we looked at Countdown...let's get back to it now that I'm out of Austen's Action Comics' issues.

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"The five years later in all of these stories are places where I think maybe the characters could go at some point. They certainly don't have to go that way. And who knows who will be writing them in five years? But it was something that seemed plausible to me, based on my run, that some of these things could happen." -- Charles Soule

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"I really want to give them a clear identity and purpose vis-à-vis the other colors of the ring spectrum." -- Charles Soule

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'If you're going to write any character, you want to do something with him or her that has not really been done before -- so that at some point, hypothetically down the road, people can [say], "You know what I remember, when Charles Soule gave Guy Gardner a sweet mustache." Which is something I did, for better or worse.' -- Charles Soule

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"I also want to delve down a bit and see how these guys work day-to-day. It can’t be all RRAAGGEE all the time, right?" -- Charles Soule

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Ok, it's the pink elephant in the room.

Let's talk about it.

The book closes out in style.

The team that never backs down.... and never wins.

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Newsarama has the preview of the final Secret Six (EVER) issue.

(looks around to see if anyone posted this yet).

Dammit, I am going to MISS this.

Let this ONE preview page remind you of what you are missing. What will be GONE.

I need an Irish funeral for this. *off to the bar*

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You thought the nightmare was over fans of Cassandra Cain? You thought that Adam Beechen was done with the character? GUESS AGAIN! The nightmare returns for the first three issues of Batgirl vol. 2!! Oh and glorified Cass nudity of Batman & the Outsiders #3 (though from the trade).

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Well, now. You haven't succumb to madness or frustration after Cass's final bout of EVIL in Titans East? Well guess what? It isn't over! This is the final chapter of Cassandra Cain's villainous career of being EVIL and her stepping back into the side of light.

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Hi ho, 2 pages from Secret Six #33 here. You'll recall that when a preview page was posted showing Catman's reunion with his d-bag of a father in Hell, Papa Blake begged Tom to save him from a mysterious "she" who comes to torture him afresh every day. Betting on who the "she" is was pretty evenly split between Mama Blake and the lioness Papa Blake killed.

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In other news, I continue to desire a Catman plushie doll. :D
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Whoa. Talk about major shifts for characters. There are SO many things revealed about our merry band of renegades, that I do not know where to start.

Well, that's not true. I will begin with the the last page... the conundrum that started it all.

Mods, keep the tags as they are so that no surprises are spoiled.


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Continuing my irregular series showcasing the many costumes worn by Black Alice, seen here, and here, as well as this post by [personal profile] gargoylekitty, which has a couple that I didn't post as I hadn't read the issue, and this one by [personal profile] icon_uk which kicked the whole thing off.

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So, there you have it...part three of The Many Looks of Black Alice. Random single panels from Secret Six 25, 29, and 30, and Teen Titans 84, 85, and 87.


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