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Marvel readers may know Jim McCann as the guy who's been writing all the Hawkeye miniseries for the last few years, as well as the Dazzler one-shot and a few other things here and there.

Image recently published the first issue of McCann's Mind the Gap, with art by Rodin Esquejo and colors by Sonia "Possibly The Best Colorist Working Today" Oback, which might be easiest to describe as a murder mystery where the victim A) isn't dead and B) is trying to figure out her own murder.

This is a very difficult book to pick scans from, so I just grabbed a few pages. It's an interesting first issue, and I think it deserves more exposure.

four pages from a 48-page book, after the cut )
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(wow, back to back. That's lucky!)

And it's one where mutants are on the run, rather than the rise.

Those who live outside the force walls face more than humanity's Exonim (clever) legions and anti-mutant legislation; they face the government's elite mutant hunters.

Four men and two women, each with their own motivations to see mutant freedoms leashed.

Six very familiar faces broken by their world, they are what they are: the Avengers.

(After the Phoenix's blowup, no point in guessing what they're Avenging.. though I can see why someone suggested Freedom Force, instead. With a Ms. Marvel, even.)

And their story's to be told in the two-shot Age of X: Universe, whose first hasn't had the warmest critical reception. But that's to be expected, when it's a two-issue tie-in to an alternate reality event.

I liked this week's first enough to be awaiting April's second, though: Simon Spurrier's definitely had fun playing with established characters in a universe really foreign to them.

Jim McCann's AoX: Spidey backup, on the other hand, was a bit rote.. but Pete was exactly what you'd expect. )
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Out in November and from the team of writer Jim McCann (Hawkeye & Mockingbird) and artist Reilly Brown (Heroic Age: Prince of Power), Chaos War: Alpha Flight sees Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman and Marrina all shuffled back onto the mortal coil and joining up with surviving teammates against the Chaos King’s threat. As it turns out, coming back to life isn’t always the greatest thing to happen to a dead person.
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Hawkeye & Mockingbird's a good enough ongoing; the titular mains are written well and the premise is handled pretty well (the supporting cast's pretty much a function of it, which's pretty understandable so far; Dominic Fortune makes up enough for it, anyway.)

The ongoing plot's a bit predictable, but the villains involved likewise make up for it; a teamup between the ex-CIA freak Crossfire and the ever-mad spectre of Lincoln Slade is just one of those ideas that works.

(By the by, spoilers for this week's #3 under cut, if you care.)

Well, it's only Crossfire at first, until the end of #1..  )
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So ifanboy and a ton of other comics sites are announcing a new Hawkeye & Mockingbird ongoing series written by Jim McCann and drawn by David Lopez, the team from New Avengers: Reunion. The first issue drops in June following a story in the "Enter the Heroic Age" anthology.

Hawkeye & Mockingbird ongoing )

Do I need another scan if I'm just posting a cover/promo image?

suggested tags: char: mockingbird/bobbi morse; char: hawkeye/ronin/clint barton; creator: jim mccann; creator: david lopez; publisher: marvel comics
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One page from Nation X #2, "Wish You Were Here", words by CB Cebulski and Jim McCann, art by Mike Choi and Sonia Oback.

Also my first post on new S_D. Fitting that is has Anole

Read more... )

Suggested Tags: creator: cb cebulski, creator: jim mccann, creator: mike choi, creator: sonia oback, character: anole/victor borkowki, character: dust/sooraya qadir, character: jubilee/jubilation lee, character: trance/hope abbot, character: loa/alani ryan, character: rockslide/santo vaccarro


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