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"I actually just wrote a scene where [Batman and Joker] have, I think, their most connected moment that I've ever written. Outside of the one in Superheavy where they're both kind of human. So Joker plays a very big role as a kind of Batman ally, in that weird, twisted way that he tends to operate. I'm excited for you to see what happens with him." -- Scott Snyder

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Men working for the man he was after chased him.

That man, atop the Monument, took his call.

Batman accused him of orchestrating the end of the world through the works of Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the Mad Hatter.

He said that those were only a lesson.

" I was showing you the three most likely ways the world would end.

" Cataclysm.

" Plague.

" Solipsism.

" Those are the ways the world would have ended, in a year, maybe five, if it wasn't ending here now. Tonight. In a fourth way. My way. "

He aimed his sniper rifle at Batman, who was closing in.

He asked what it was that'd pointed the way to him.

" ..

" I found a ' daemon. ' "

He pulled the trigger, shooting Batman's cycle out from under him.

He, Ra's al Ghul, watched Batman and the cycle's wreckage fly through the air.

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Issue #6's focus was Mr. Freeze.

It opened in Alaska, three hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Batman entered a research station and saw its occupants frozen.

He heard sounds.

" Victor! "

He turned.

" What have you done? "

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"For me, that’s the horror I enjoy the most. The monsters are always scary visually, but ultimately what's scary is the pressure they put on the human characters in the narrative to act the ways they’re afraid they might act. Take something like Stephen King's Pet Sematary. When you have that cemetery out there—the love you have for your wife, for your kid, or the fear of death, the fear of loss—the feelings or actions that monster engenders are what I hope to aspire to." - Scott Snyder

Story By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Jock
Colors By: Matt Hollingsworth

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If you haven't been reading Detective Comics with Scott Snyder and Jock, you're missing out! There's been a lot of great dialogue and scenes and the art is fantastic.

Dick has been trying to hunt down a secret society leader with the alias The Dealer. He infiltrates one of their meetings to see an auction going on...

Possible trigger warning for gore.

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