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DAREDEVIL: GUARDIAN DEVIL is a popular Daredevil story that started the "Marvel Knights" line. Here's something about the Kevin Smith/Joe Quesada story: It's the first time that Matt Murdock got angry over the events in BORN AGAIN, another popular Daredevil story.

Angry Matt is angry... for the first time? )
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Part 1 here -
Part 2 here -

Following his short time at Valiant where he did a lot of cover work outside of the Ninjak title he pencilled, Quesada and inker/pal Jimmy Palmiotti formed their own publishing company, Event Comics; launch title their creation Ash (Ashley Quinn), a fire-fighter turned alien-superhero.

The success of this venture would lead to Quesada and Palmiotti being approached by Marvel to revamp some of their weaker performing properties, and eventually Quesada being offered the Marvel EIC position which he held for over ten years.

(35 scans under the cut.)

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Part 1 here:

Following his X-Factor run, Quesada moved back to Valiant (he'd done some work for their licensed Nintendo comic in their early days), pencilling the final half of the Deathmate Epilogue issue, and launching Ninjak.

(11 scans under the cut.)

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All right, let's get straight to it! Vampire!Talia and aliens seemed to be the most popular, and I'm also including Zombie Nazis, because well, they're Zombie Nazis. Can't go too wrong with that.

Intro can be found here or four posts down.

There used to be a grey tower alone on the sea...  )

The Martians are coming! )

They're not just Zombie Nazis, they're Zombie *voodoo* Nazis! )

Epilogue )

And that's that for "DUEL". Thoughts? Comments?
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Beneath the cut, a page from The Gutters, a comic related webcomic by Ryan Sohmer working with various artists. This time it was the turn of Paul Southworth, creator of Ugly Hill.

I suspect this webcomic might strike a chord...

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Since his first major work in the early 90s we've seen Joe Quesada's style change from a heavily Mignola-influenced blocky style, to incorporate the art-nouveou flourishes of Alphonse Mucha, and more recently an organic heavily photo-referenced approach, with a few diversions into Miller-esque expressionism.

Under the cut lie 13 large scans dating from 92 and 93, already showing some of these changes in his art, from titles Crucible, Sleepwalker and X-Factor.

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