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After my Notostravaganza (And I've found his New Machines and have fallen in love with it, so expect more soon), I've found what might just be the Perfect Storm for art here and it's courtesy of iFanboy

Phil Noto's John Hamm's Superman )
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Don't believe me?

The Golden Age is considered to have begun with Action 1 and the appearance of Superman, as well as the Phantom, in 1937.

Doctor Occult was introduced in 1935 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, despite the names listed on the strips below according to Wiki, and hails from the action adventurer/detective schools. Comic Book Resources has a nice article on him here. But the scans are a little small, so I rustled up what I could. Read more... )
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Actually, I am misleading you on the title. While we all save our pennies for our beloved heroes weekly adventures, someone shelved out a lot of cash for a comic book. NPR has the story.

Action Comics #1 sold for One Million dollars  )
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Well, this is my first post on Scans Daily since it moved over to IJ. In the move, some classic content was lost, and I'm reposting something I posted in the original Scans Daily, oh, years ago. I'm posting it at least in part for my own convenience, but I feel future generations deserve to know some comics history.

Let me tell you about a man named Slam... )
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Since re-posting our lost posts is all the rage these days, here goes one story I had found that I think deserves to be remembered. Namely, the time that Superman proved that, for all his power, he was complete and utter fail as a 1940s-era homemaker.

Also, he wears an apron.


Great Rao! How did it ever come to this!?


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