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A little trivia bit: a while back DC had an event called "This issue: Batman dies" across the Bat-titles which basically amounted to villains fantasizing about killing the Dark Knight. The issue of Gotham Knights was told from the perspective of Victor Zsasz but the issue was pulled at the last minute because it was too gory. Recently the artist posted some of the pages on his Facebook here.

Warning for gore/violence )
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Best idea I've heard all week: someone should write a novelization of LOST.

Just do the entire series in a single book. Perhaps like THE STAND, but even better edited to incorporate all the good stuff, cut out the dead weight, and revise things so that it all works better as a whole.

Because that's the inherent difficulty of writing for long-form serialized format, be it in TV or comics: no matter how well you plan it out, so many things can go wrong that can create plot holes, dropped threads, inconsistent characterization, etc. Maybe it can be avoided if it's all done by a single (extremely talented) writer, but it's damn well impossible with multiple writers.

That's why Greg Rucka's novelization of NO MAN'S LAND is largely superior to the original comics, both of which I've been rereading for the first time in years for these posts. He's able to iron out the kinks from the comics, even the ones he himself had originally written, while cutting out pointless subplots and letting other story elements breathe.

By and large, the actual stories of both are the same, with one major exception: the shared arcs of Jim Gordon, Renee Montoya, and Harvey Dent. Last post, it was the same, but with some added scenes of Harvey and Renee's interaction.

But starting here, the actual chain of events alters and their motivations deepen, turning what originally was a better-than-average crime/adventure story into something rather more complex and soul-searching.

Very little actual Batman behind the cut )

Next week, the grand finale: Jim Gordon('s soul) on trial, with Two-Face as the prosecutor, Harvey Dent as the defense, and Renee Montoya stuck in the middle.
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From Batman Confidential 7
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title: batman confidential
creator: michael green
creator: denys cowan
creator: john floyd
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Yaseen101 requested some scenes of Bruce-not-being-unbearable to Steph. I can think of like 4 instances in total, because the majority of Steph/Bruce interactions are by Chuck Dixon, Jon Lewis and Bill Willingham, all members of the Batdick family. The first one is in Green Arrow #5, but I found Steph really, really annoying there, what with the snarking after every. Single. Line. The second one is here, by Devin Grayson and Roger Robinson in the excellent Batman: Gotham Knights series. This issue is #22.

The issue, a tie-in to "Joker's Last Laugh", begins with a man being eaten by cochroaches who form a body identical to his. Barbara points out how Bruce has recently alienated every member of his family , so he'll need to call in the reserves for help.


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