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The BATMAN #38 post got me thinking about the "idiot billionaire" facade Bruce Wayne puts on and if it is that effective. So here are some pages from BATMAN FAMILY #1 that explores the idea a bit.

Tim in chains.jpg

And a scene of Tim Drake in bondage. Because why not? Art by Rick Hoberg and Stefano Gaudiano

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It's just occurred to me that I have not yet bored you all to tears with what my favorite take on Poison Ivy is. This shall not stand.

Like most of Batman's rogues, Ivy's portrayals in most of fandom - if not always the comics themselves - are usually based on the BTAS take. Green-loving, misandrist, and the no-nonsense straight-man (... wow that sounds wrong) to Harley Quinn's antics. I suppose there's nothing wrong with this on paper, but the executions have always left me cold (even Harley and Ivy - the original episode, not the zillion spinoffs Dini's written - only worked for me as an analysis of the Harley-Joker relationship, with Ivy as an outside variable).

Instead, I've always been a sucker for the Gaiman/Moore interpretation, the Ivy that rose from the seeds Saga of the Swamp Thing had planted back in the '80s. You can see Gaiman's contribution to Ivy's right here, but today, we concern ourselves with what Moore brought to the table.

What's that, you say? Alan Moore never wrote a Poison Ivy story in his life? No, no he hasn't. John Francis Moore, on the other hand...

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As I've mentioned elsewhere, in 1997 Marvel did FLASHBACK month, where almost all their issues were set a year (or more) before the rocket flight that created the Fantastic Four. In X-FORCE #-1, John and James Proudstar head to a local carnival. But they aren't the only familiar faces at said carnival.

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When you can journey any point in time, you're not limited to making enemies just in your own era. You can have people from all across the eons dislike you.

This 1,000,000 issue details the rivalry between Chronos of the 20th century and the Flash of the 853rd century.

Interestingly, this issue was penciled by J.H. Williams III. "Interestingly" because he was also the regular penciler for the comic CHASE at this time. Was he really so fast at one point that he could not only do a monthly title but also have time to pitch in an occasional fill-in on the side? What happened to him?

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Remember how I said Liddleville was used in comic series other than the Fantastic Four? How about the previous X-FORCE seres?

X-FORCE #63 had Tabitha Smith, aka Meltdown, waking up in the town of Liddleville. But no one else is around. No Lotus-Eater Machine this time.

Tags: char: boom boom/tabitha smith, char: cable/nathan summers, group: x-force,
creator: john francis moore, creator: anthony castrillo, publisher: marvel comics,
title: x-force

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One more Doom 2099 post to go after this. Then no more WEEK OF DOOM. But I'm ending it on a high note. The lead-up story to Doom 2099 #25. Doom is looking for clues to his missing time and finds a big piece. However, he runs into an old foe, Tiger Wylde.

From Doom 2099 #22-24. 16 Scans total. Dial-Uppers BEWARE!

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Probably my favorite issue of John Francis Moore's Doom 2099 run. Just a done and one issue where Doom take's on the mystical creature, Necrotek, and has to use his greatest weapon of all, his mind, to beat him. From Doom 2099 #13.

Brought to you by the fine folks from the 90s.

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Continuing the WEEK OF DOOM, a look into Doom 2099 special meeting with... Well click to find out. From Doom 2099 #5-6.

Brought to you by the 90s.

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Continuing from my Doom 2099, I decided to post scans from #2-4 from the series. That said there be a lot of scans in here (even under the guidelines). So Dial Uppers beware! For those who dig Henry V there will be much quoting from it. Plus some great Doom moments as he leads a revolt to topple Tiger Wylde.

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Inspired by bluefall's posting on Catwoman's Post-Crisis origin and how Batman influenced her, here are two pages from CATWOMAN (Vol 1) #94. The story is written by John Francis Moore, and the art is by Staz Johnson and Wayne Faucher. They do a good job copying/riffing/homaging David Mazzucchelli's style for YEAR ONE flashbacks.

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