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The Hulk is — you know, it’s the same reason kids love dinosaurs. “I can’t do that. If I was big, I could do what I want.” And the Hulk is big and he does what he wants and he does it in a fairly childish way. Batman is a more nuanced take on the idea of a child, saying, “It’s not fair. It’s not fair.” Batman’s going to make it fair and that’s a really, really young idea and I think that’s one of the reasons why Batman, you know — he’s such a classic character because he’ll appeal to a 6-year-old and he’ll appeal to a 26-year-old because there’s so much you can do with that idea. -- Kurt Busiek

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Superman is at its core a metaphor about adolescence, a power fantasy built around the teenage years. Batman isn't. Batman is a story of anger and frustration and not being able to control the world and make it fair. It's a metaphor about a younger stage of life, essentially like an eight-year-old wanting to impose his idea of fairness and justice on a complicated world. -- Kurt Busiek

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It's all tied up in a project I did called Superman: Secret Identity, which was a story about somebody named Clark Kent gaining the powers of Superman in the real world. I used that story as a way to explore the secret self we all have inside, that we only share with people in specific ways. It was a success and DC was interested in doing more. I told them that we could do a Batman project but it would be very different. -- Kurt Busiek

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Matt and Dwayne were best of friends.

First up, the written tribute.

What Comic-Con International Wouldn't Print

I miss Dwayne every day. It’s still inconceivable that he isn’t around to appreciate the world with me.

When my son gets another baby tooth, or I see a new episode of Doctor Who, I still have the urge to call him. Given the chance, I’ll talk about my late friend for hours at a time. I find myself making lists of McDuffie facts—not wanting to forget any more than I already have. And one of the things I’ve thought about most while mourning him was his long struggle for recognition from the comics industry.

Dwayne loved comics, both the superhero and non-superhero varieties, long before he made them for a living, and he continued to love them till the end. Our last conversation was about the Masterpiece Comics collection I’d given him for his birthday, which includes a pastiche of his beloved Little Lulu.

That said, I don’t know that the comics business loved him back.

Read the whole thing on Dwayne's web site.

Next, the 2-page story from the Static Shock tribute issue from DC Comics:
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This is slightly a double dunter*, hitting the notes for both a didactic/message book and an alternate universe book. Ex Machina is, as the finale was at pains to point out, its own alternate universe and there's no "right" way for the characters to be. Like we saw with the wedding issue, Ex Machina is full of ideas. Usually when it's talking about political ideas it doesn't put them forward as The Best Way to do things. In Smoke Smoke, Hundred's stance on relaxing drug laws is countered by his aides' and the issues are just talked out. It's a series that consistently credits its readers with more than a modicum of intelligence and political awareness

This is from the Special #4, Grassroots and introduces us to the Gardener, who's a one off character. Like Pherson before him and The White after him, Gardener for his powers indirectly from the neighbours through the Great Machine.

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In my final post from Midnighter's solo series, here's Midnighter rescuing kitties.

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That was Issue 8 and four years ago and Christos Gage still remains to me as "the writer who had Mindy rescue a kitteh".

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