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Further down a bit, the subject of an X-Men post changed to J. Jonah Jameson. So, after the cut, is a page where we see that J. Jonah Jameson isn't *that* bad a guy when he starts a protest over video cameras all over Manhattan. Ah, the 1960s.

Soul Brother, not Big Brother )
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Harry Knowles, uber-geekin many forms of media and fan of comics, put this up this evening over at Harry talks about the JOHN ROMITA AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ARTIST'S EDITION HC being released this week. We are treated to seeing the men who helped turn a common comic book character into the icon that we know today.

Two from the article behind the cut.

The Amazing Spider-man, with John Romita )
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Found this over here.

It has to be said that the Sam Raimi Spider-Man Green Goblin is... not a terrific design.

The term "Power Ranger villain" has been thrown at the design more than once, and that seems to be almost insulting to some of the Power Ranger villains.

But what could have been.... )
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Not part of the original S_D 1.0 Spider-man/Daredevil series, I wanted to insert bits and pieces I hadn't included the first time. Turns out there was a lot more than I thought. (Lotsa scans below cut)Read more... )

Part 1 posted previously.

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Not in a gratuitous killing; not in a slobbering grin; not even in a moment of greedy cannibalism is the wonder of Eddie Brock, symbiote-enabled serial murderer, properly embodied. Rather, his true spirit is found in a minute of quiet, calm contemplation after being reunited with his alien other once more...

He's )


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