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"To Doctor Doom, gods are to be overcome. I see Doom as someone who skim-read Nietzsche in college and decided that he is the Overman, that he's crossed the bridge that is humanity and overcome it. In his own eyes, he is, to all intents and purposes, a God - and we'll see that some of subjects feel the same way. So when he looks at Loki, who was born into godhood, there's the contempt the self-made man feels for the man who inherited his power." -- Al Ewing

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"Luckily, what James Robinson is up to dovetails perfectly with my own themes - Doom, like Loki, is trying to be a better person. (Or at least trying to look like a better person.) " -- Al Ewing

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So, I understand that the comics internet has been very enthusiastic those days after the NYCC event. Which was nice you know... for a kiddies comic-event. I believe it's time to talk about you folks about a comic event for real readers. :P

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