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"It’s an ensemble book, but a few characters will be at the forefront. Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and, of course, Otto Octavius come to mind. I love writing Otto Octavius." -- Christos Gage

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Hold on, let me get my gallon of Jaegermeister...

Okay, there's no clear divergence point to this one, and there are multiple differences that you'll see over the next few days as I post these. Judging by solicits, it was meant to be "What if Hope Summers fell under Magneto's influence", but... well, let's just say I have my own ideas.

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"Oh yeah, oh yeah, check us out with our grownup grid-layout.

"Some of these panels are pretty good evidence (I think) that big chunks of text don’t have to be anathema to the flow of a comics page. As long as the text is colourful, and as long as you’ve taken into account the influence it’ll have on the pace (ie: slowing things down, acting as a brake on the flow), then all the wanky “rules” about maximum words per balloon, maximum balloons per panels, blah blah blah, can be cheerfully bent."
-- Si Spurrier

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'In writing episode #5, I got as near as I'll ever come to that Spaceknight Rom pitch I've had in my "Work In Progress" file since I was 14.' -- Si Spurrier

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'If I could get away with it, one of the future arcs would be proudly subtitled "THEY FUCK YOU UP, YOUR MUM AND DAD," from the Philip Larkin thing. Partly that's because I'm a crass little pillock who still thinks swearing is big and clever, but mostly because -- as an aphorism -- it so perfectly describes David's journey: the challenges of the future are the consequences of the past.' -- Si Spurrier

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"From New Warriors to X-Force to Robin, I have always enjoyed writing teens who are on the cusp of adulthood. Their angst, arrogance and insecurities are great fodder for character conflict. Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett created a wonderful mix in Kon-El. Cockiness and loneliness, courage and fear, the character was unlikeable and lovable at the same time." - Fabian Nicieza

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