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Catching up on a small collection of commission pieces I've picked up over the past few months but never got around to sharing...


Two artists, three themes )

A couple of random, but fun, sketchcard pickups )

And putting the pretty back into pretty boy heroes! )

And for legality, a little reminder of what Mr Wagner could look like in the right artists hands... This was used as a pin up on the Back of Excalibur 3, y'know, back when being a fun character wasn't anathema or a good reason to kill them off (Though we'd already lost Doug by this point, so things were heading in a downward direction)

tags: char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, char: mr. freeze/victor fries, char: cypher/doug ramsey, char: warlock, creator: brian fraim , creator: brendon fraim , creator: dougdraw , creator: kat laurange , creator: alan davis, creator: joe st pierre, genre commission, theme: slash, in-joke: bondage


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