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"When I created the Banshees in the first go round, I did something really dumb. I considered having a black woman be part of the team, and then didn't because in the real-life air service pilots in World War II, the two black women that applied were turned down because of racism. And I thought, well then, I can't have black women here either. Even though at the same time I was breaking all sorts of other rules. For some reason I thought it was okay for them to fight giant robots, but having a black woman was too much of a stretch. It's embarrassing, so when we were talking about bringing these characters back, I had a chance to correct that." - Kelly Sue DeConnick

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"I’d always wanted to do a Western, but years ago I had an editor tell me that artists hate drawing horses and that was why it was so hard to get a Western going. He was probably kidding, but I believed him.

Newsflash: I’m an idiot.
" - Kelly Sue DeConnick

8 2/3 out of 26 pages

Warning for language and violence.

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"I was thinking about this idea of women in tubes. I was thinking about the traditional shower scenes in women in prison exploitation films, and how their nudity is done provocatively. It's a salacious, voyeuristic nudity. I wanted this to be different. I wanted their bodies to be presented as bodies. I had some conversations with Val about the women having different shapes, sizes and characteristics -- muscles, sagging, cellulite. We wanted it to feel like flesh. I started this women-in-tubes thing. It's a science fiction trope that is remarkably common if you just Google it. It was fascinating to me. I had this notion that one of these bodies would be so large that it would press up against the glass and that was the beginning of Penny. I wanted one woman to be very big and unapologetic and I wanted her to be adamant that she would take up space and it was not her job to conform to your idea of beautiful." - Kelly Sue DeConnick

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Okay yes I'm posting backwards, but this one took a little more thought into what I'd include (where last time I just wanted to show the Spider-Woman part), and I don't think anything was posted from this issue before unless it was missing both the Captain Marvel tag, and the Kelly Sue tag.

With Lila Cheney mutant music star, Captain Marvel and Tic will travel so far. )
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There are remote controlled rats heading up to Carol's apartment in the the crown of the statue of liberty... How does Jessica deal?

Answer not very well. )
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"And I was thinking a lot about the white default -- this notion we seem to have that everyone is white unless you specify otherwise. I decided I wanted to reverse that. I asked Val to do a thing in the script where unless I specify someone is white, they're not." - Kelly Sue DeConnick

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Have I? Because I really should have by now. Carol's a character I sometimes forget, largely because I'm one of those kids that came in from watching Marvel's cartoons/playing their video games so I only tend to remember those characters, and frankly, Carol's really underused outside of comics. Its a little shameful that if you're not an Avengers comic reader, the most people tend to know about her is 'that one superhero that Rogue stole powers from' (hell, I've seen more than one X-Men fanfic about 're-imagining' the franchise (like the Ultimate Universe, but with less Mark Millar) or similar stories that depicts her as a villain (Worse, once she was a Nazi for crying out loud!), so that Rogue doesn't look like an A-Hole for utterly destroying her). Because of this, I almost completely missed her recent ongoing due to a combination of being too busy with other comics or being flat broke and unable to afford more than three comics a month (tis was a dark time for I). I also somehow keep forgetting about Avengers Assemble; I think its because the opening issues reeked of movie tie-in so I wasn't interested, but I keep forgetting to mention it or buy it.
That changed with the recent 'Enemy Within' Crossover, and I decided to post some scans from the fourth instalment of this Carolitious crossover.
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Once this story ends, I'm getting the trades of both these books. My bank account will hate me for it, but damn do I need it.
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Nobody reported it yet?
Alright, I'll do it!

Dark Horse Comics' gonna bring back Ghost this year!
Ghost, that's right!
Remember her?

Dark Horse will launch a new series featuring Elisa Cameron this summer.
She's back, reimagined for 2012! )
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 Because I just got a letter back from a writer, as opposed to the editor, of a comic book I've been following religiously up to now. 

Hooray, a letter! Also, slightly spoilery for Osborn #4.  )


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