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When The Flame's popularity began to fade a attempt was made to refresh the Big 3 member with partner in Wonderworld #30 (Oct. 1941). Writer Basil Berold is actually Lou Fine. Fine took over all the work on the The Flame after Will Eisner left.

Flame Girl has one of the most overly dramatic introduction ads I have ever seen. I looked for the issue because of the ad. You can see it here or under the cut.
The Flame lay there, on the ground, helpless, dying… and if he passed on, so would all those innocent people whom he had sworn to protect….But there was still one way could come to their rescue, by passing the secret of his flame powers on to the one person he could trust the most….Linda Dale… )
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Welcome back to my on-again, off-again series about bizarre patriotically themed superheroes that emerged in the wake of the Shield's debut. We previously covered the super-patriot from the future and a very patriotic ghost entity thing. But nothing, and I do mean nothing is quite as weird as the subject of this post.

Before I posted these scans on the origin scans_daily, almost nobody knew who Yankee Doodle Jones was or just how weird his origin was. But ever since that post, I've seen him mentioned on a number of sites, and those references almost never fail to wonder what the hell were his creators smoking. I admit, it makes me feel oddly... proud.

In any case, the following story originally appeared in Yankee Comics #1. Writer unknown, art by Lou Fine.

What do you get when you take three World War I veterans, a super-serum and Uncle Sam? (7 pages under the cut) )

Yankee Doodle Jones went on to appear in all subsequent issues of Yankee Comics (all four of them). Dandy appeared in a three-part text-story crossover where he met Yankee Comics' Yankee Boy and Johnny Rebel. And while their stories were reprinted a few times, they haven't been revived by anyone - at least as of this writing.

And, on an unrelated note - is anyone going to C2E2 this year? Since the convention is happening in my neck of the woods, I will be attending on Saturday. It would be nice to see at least some of the people behind the handles. I meant to ask about this weeks ago, but I kept forgetting...

Tune in next time to see a comic where just about everything is a product placement. I am not exaggerating.


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