Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel #1

After several years of writing Star Wars, I submit, and it all goes None More Goth. -- Kieron Gillen

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The Punisher series before last sat comfortably in the Marvel universe.

Its coexistence with its superheroic surroundings was a matter-of-fact acknowledgement.

(There was the bit with the Black Talon, but that one'd been a joke before that.)

Its villains, the Exchange, exemplified this- they were ex-bit players in the superpowered game who'd decided to take their talents into the more mundane criminal world.

They were led by two particularly motivated.

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Superior Spider-Man vs. Scarlet Spider: Sibling Rivalry

Spider-Verse gave me feeeeeelings this week, so here's another spider-crossover that gave me feeeeeelings: Superior Spider-Man vs. Scarlet Spider!

Superior Spider-Man, meet Kaine, the former supervillain who killed you that one time. Scarlet Spider, meet Otto Octavius, the former supervillain who stole your clone-brother's body/identity.

Sibling Rivalry

This will not end well.

[1 page from Amazing Spider-Man #673, 7 pages from Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2, 7 pages from Scarlet Spider #20]
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Avengers #17: "...To the Light"

"Actually, most of the push-back I’ve gotten has been from well-meaning, but uninformed fans. Instances of confusion whenever I’ve been able to talk Marvel into dropping ads so that I can do a design or title spread. The argument seems to be hubris — that I have stolen pages that could have gone to story so I can see my name in bigger type or something. All I’m actually guilty of is saving them from another sh*tty Big Bang Theory advert.

"We should all agree that’s Karma positive."

- Jonathan Hickman

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Frank Castle hooking up with the lady friend :p

Since people were asking about it (and I did mean to post when I read it and then forgot about):

4 pages-ish of Punisher #9 )

Amazing Spider-man 598, The Power of Harry eyelashes

Harry get in touch with his inner beauty. I swear, look at the third panel, look like he checking himself out in the mirror wondering if beauty enough, and those lips. I like the artist athough. Also is it me or everyone with has a Great Teacher Onizuka face, you know, the one with the lips when someone is trying to look pissed but funny.