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"I was definitely inspired by what Fraction and David Aja have done on HAWKEYE — how they managed to stay true to the character in the Avengers while also taking it in a fresh direction, so it wasn't just that same Avengers character doing solo things, which I don’t think ever really works for any sustained period of time for any of those second-tier characters." -- James Robinson

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"Actually, most of the push-back I’ve gotten has been from well-meaning, but uninformed fans. Instances of confusion whenever I’ve been able to talk Marvel into dropping ads so that I can do a design or title spread. The argument seems to be hubris — that I have stolen pages that could have gone to story so I can see my name in bigger type or something. All I’m actually guilty of is saving them from another sh*tty Big Bang Theory advert.

"We should all agree that’s Karma positive."

- Jonathan Hickman

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So this week, Doomsday came down on Superboy's head.

What followed ended in the only way it really could have, in between solicits for Reign Of and the characters' power levels.

It wasn't something we weren't all expecting, though- if the Eradicator or the Cyborg couldn't do the trick, what chance would a half-breed with a little extra really have?

Tactile telekinesis, most thought, constituted that little chance- if he could just use it cleverly, he might last more than one page.

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So this week gives us the 13th Action Comics Annual, and it's just as much about Lex Luthor as the rest of Action Comics is right now.

Rather than serving as an elaboration on The Black Ring, it's what Paul Cornell calls "kind of a Secret Origin continued", showing us Young Lex out of Smallville with a full head of hair.

There're two stories, one drawn by Marco Rudy and one by Ed Benes, chronicling his life and time before prominence and LexCorp; both pit him against some real movers and shakers.

The Rudy-drawn one opens the annual, and let's just say listening to the Metropolis OST complements it rather well. )
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DC has a downloadable preview of The Shield #5 up, here:

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group: great ten, title: the shield, creator: eric trautmann, creator: marco rudy, publisher: dc comics
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Continuing off of my previous Shield post...

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Searching for soldiers who have gone mysteriously missing in the fictional country Bialya (not Afghanistan; there seemed to be some confusion over that in my previous entry), the Shield's trail leads him to an abandoned H.I.V.E. base under the control of Gorilla Grodd.

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Some more Shield...

Can I just say how impressed I've been with the art by Marco Rudy in this series? I've never heard of the guy before, but if he doesn't become a big name within a few years, I'll eat my hat.

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Remember Katarina Armstrong? She was the second Spy Smasher, appearing in Birds of Prey #100-108 (collected in the trades "Blood and Circuits" and "Dead of Winter," for those who are interested).

Katarina returned this week in Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #3, written by Ivan Brandon and illustrated by Marco Rudy.


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