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"We get to see what defines them when they're essentially not being Rangers, when they're not being a team. It's a series of snapshots from their lives. You could go so far as to call them civilians but they're so active in doing good and so active in who they are when they're out of costume. But it's really just, they're playful." - Marguerite Bennett

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In the end, I hope we make something beautiful, brutal, and defiantly queer. I hope we show you elements of Batwoman and her world you’ve never seen before, had never even imagined, and push her to heights and drive her to depths that make you delight and despair for her. I hope we do justice to her legacy, and create the book I wish had existed when I was young and growing up.
-- Marguerite Bennett

The series finale.

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In the fourth digital issue of Bombshells United, Marcelo DiChiara takes over art duty, which prompts me to ask:
Does this look like an adult Wonder Woman to you?

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"Weirdly enough, our version of 'Josie' is not all-ages, nor is it some monstrously hardcore run. Audrey’s magnificent art is delightful, energetic, beautiful and fun, but our dialogue is definitely quick, crackling and — hopefully — goes over the young’uns heads in places. The girls are flawed, funny, earnest, and struggling to make their way in the world in their early 20s. We wanted outrageously over-the-top adventures that had genuine emotional crisis at their warm milk chocolate center."
--Marguerite Bennett, CBR interview 1 Sept. 2016

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One of the goals of this first arc has been to establish Knife as Batwoman's new archenemy, and so far that has been done incredibly well. The two women have been compared and contrasted in a variety of ways: through their personalities and actions, their character design, and, as shown in the opening pages of issue #2 and issue #3, through color schemes and panelling. It may help to refresh yourself on those pages from issue #2.

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