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"Russia takes over the world, in a sentence! The true twist here is that no one is even aware that this isn’t how the world should be. That’s how far reality has been bent. No one even realizes that Russia hasn’t always ruled the Earth. Well, no one realizes except two people."

- Matt Kindt

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S_D needs a lot more scans of the current incarnation of Valiant Comics. Because they're doing their best to bring back every character from the original company, Valiant Entertainment does have some representation issues when it comes to women and minority heroes. The old Valiant was rather lily-white after all.

Valiant is continually adding and promoting female superheroes with comics like Doctor Mirage, Punk Mambo, and the team book Unity and its permanent member Livewire.

Two scans from Unity #1, four from Unity #2, two from Unity #3 and two from Unity #4, all by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite. This is all collected in "Unity: To Kill A King", which is a great trade and a workable starting point for the entire Valiant line.

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Is anyone reading this series? A big conspiracy book about a plucky female reporter investigating a shadowy organization that erases people's minds and shapes world events. It has former agents going rogue, super-assassins, lots of mysteries, the usual stuff we've been getting since The Manchurian Candidate and The Parallax View...

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Wow! I didn't notice it had been announced before, but... Here's something nobody will probably care about
besides me and other fans of these characters or creator but..

"Weird Worlds" characters Garbage Man and Tanga are back in publication, "New 52" DCnU or not! This new title is called "My Greatest Adventure" which is actually a throwback to an old DC book were Doom Patrol stories ran in, many years back.

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