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May. 10th, 2017 11:59 am
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"I don’t want to tell the reader who to trust and who not to trust here. Wilson Fisk has done a lot of bad things, and he is honest about that. He is a man asking for forgiveness, and that is a personal thing. I hope every reader, like the characters in the book, will weigh whether or not he deserves it. And maybe some won’t think he does. The story works in that case too, I hope. Fisk genuinely wants to accomplish big changes in his life and go down a different path. Personally, I hope he can." - Matthew Rosenberg

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"I’ll never be done writing Maria Hill. That will probably be the day I’m done at Marvel." - Nick Spencer

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'When they first asked me to do Hulk, my first instinct was to say no because I didn’t think I had anything to say with the character, especially when they said “please do what you did with Daredevil, whatever that was.” I wasn’t sure what we’d done with Daredevil yet.' -- Mark Waid

How will the Hulk and Dr. Banner react to the Inhumanity outbreak?

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The moon's launched a slew of meteors at Earth, and each one that lands will transform into a giant monster. It's just one of those days...

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Since there's a bit of a discussion of the most recent Supergirl reboot's character swings and roundabouts going on in the Casstoons post, this seemed like a good time to post 3 pages of Superman/Batman annual 5 which address some of those issues.

A Reign of Doomsday tie-in, the basic setup is Sh*&, Meet Fan. Kara and Dick are trapped in the Watchtower with Doomsday and Cyborg Superman, who's turning the satellite into a giant weapon. Kara has apparently gotten hit with synthetic magic energy and is too ill to fight, so Dick gets her to sickbay, which he explains the JLA somehow turned into a "panic room" - it's cut off from all other systems, Cy.Sup can't reach it to manipulate it, and it's shielded from magic energy. Kara's well while she's in there, but only while she's in there. Dick leaves her to fight the Gruesome Twosome by his lonesome, and Kara accidentally triggers a full-body diagnostic scanner, which informs her she's dying. dun dun DUNNNN!

Through comms she passes word on to Dick, who in mid-battle tells her how to initiate sickbay's holographic Dr. Mid-Nite AI. Holo!Pieter confirms she's dying but can find no organic cause. So, Dick suggests one more option - the holographic Dr. Fate AI.

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She does as he prescribes, and rejoins the battle. And then things get exponentially worse, but that's a tale for another post.
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Cosmic Book News has the preview for next week's TI: Devastation from DnA and artist Miguel Sepulveda.

I wonder what will be addressed regarding Star-Lord and Nova?

This leads in to March's "Cosmic Avengers" - The Annihilators! Looking forward to that!

Looks like Blaastar is getting what he deserves for leaving our Cosmic Assemblers to fend for themselves in TI!

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CosmicBookNews has the preview of the conclusion to the Thanos Imperative, and possibly a close to this chapter in the Marvel Cosmic stories.

Oh yeah, Spoilers ahoy.

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