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Doctor Strange Doctor Doom Torment and Triumph

25 1/4 pages of 77.

The world's greatest mystics have gathered to partake in a contest to finally decide once and for all who is the true Sorcerer Supreme. Victor Von Doom barely qualifies to enter, but manages to be the only one other than the victor, Strange naturally, who does not succumb to the challenge. Doom didn't use his offensive or defensive sciences during the contest but did use computer scanning to learn much about magic that he did not know before.

After Strange is declared Sorcerer Supreme there is one other consequence of the tournament to attend to.

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Lobster Johnson: the Burning Hand - part 1 of 5

From one of the several Hellboy prequels, I bring you some of the second series of pulp-inspired Lobster Johnson adventures!
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Baltimore: the Curse Bells - Part 1 of 5

Since I got the most recent trade of Mike Mignola and Christoper Golden's non-Hellboy related series Baltimore, I thought that I'd post some more of it here.

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BPRD: Hell on Earth - What's Varvara Up To Now?

While posting the 1946 storyline of BPRD, someone asked what Varvara, demon and head of Stalin's occult research group, was up to in the present day. And since I'm waiting for the newest trade to be delivered, I thought that I'd post what happened to her in... the 50s or 60s, I think it was.

From the storyline A Cold Day in Hell.
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