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And by BAD, I don't mean "Evil", "Feared" or "Dreaded", I just mean.... not that good. (I'm reminded of a line in a Transformers "Who's Who" thing, when describing Beast Wars Waspinator; "Waspinator is certainly capable of great evil, he's just not terribly GOOD at it")

Now it's true that some comic villains are magnificent constructions, with impresssive powers, finely crafted personalities and motivations that allow for a rich variety of plots. But let's be honest here, not every villain is that fortunate. They may all have grains of genius in their creation, and no villain is without the possibility of being redeemed (or the exact opposite, if you see what I mean) by the right writer. Consider The Shade, a rather generic shadowcaster before James Robinson got his hands on him. And it is of such lower rate villains we are dealing with here.


If you thought being a C-list hero was bad, try being a C-List villain )

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Following on from Part 1, I bring scans from Outsiders 34 and 35.

Be warned this post contains depictions of scenes from the Holocaust and as such may be triggering.

Markovia has been conquered by invading Russian forces led by the evil (and I mean REALLY evil) Baron Bedlam. The Outsiders (now 100% Batman free) are down, taken out by Bedlam's mercenary metahuman strike force, The Masters of Disaster, and a Soviet handler, the international political mover and shaker known only as the Bad Samaritan, has just discovered that Bedlam has a REALLY warped secret agenda...

This has not been the Outsiders best day...

The rematch lies within )
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Since we never really got much post-Crisis Robin!Jason in the first place, and he's more often than not retroactively written as being more of a bad seed than he actually was (stealing the Robin costume in Nightwing Year One vs. being given the Robin costume in Batman 410).

Mike W. Barr wrote post-Crisis Jason as closer to his pre-Crisis incarnation, so I was also hoping to see more of an amalgamation of the two, or at the very least something a bit closer to post-Crisis Jason.

It was also nice to see a young Jason!Robin not being written as constantly angry, "thuggish", punk-like, etc. It seems like too often many fans, creators and editors forget that Jason as Robin was heroic and did heroic acts. Thankfully, Barr didn't forget.

Jason was a Good Robin! )
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The DCU Blog (before it becomes DnU) has the preview for the 80's retroactive story as the Reaper character comes back.

And a plea for those of you who surf the net about other things Batman.

Worst fears realized. )
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I wasn't all that enthused for the new DC retroactive series, but the description for this one caught my eye.

Mike W. Barr did some wonderful work with Jason, and I hope this new comic will remind us that, once upon a time, Jason DID have some upbeat moments and he did have a good relationship with Bruce. Quite apart from my affection for the character, I think painting him as such an obvious bad seed right from the start makes Bruce look like a damn fool for not spotting that. I also prefer characters to be multi-faceted - it's not fun OR realistic to paint Jason as never having known a happy moment or a friendly relationship with anyone in the world ever...

4 pages from 'tec #574 that get it right )
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From Detective #569, "Catch as Catscan" the first issue of the sadly short lived Mike W. Barr/Alan Davis run.

Like this entire run I heartily recommend picking up the issue (I'm sure it's collected somewhere, at least I hope it is)

Batman, Robin and Catwoman have broken up a criminal gang (made up of former Catwoman henchmen, so Selina is not pleased to say the least, but it's not the heroes we're here for this time... (Which is some ways is a shame as, has has been noted before, Davis draws the cutest little Jason and a magnificent Batman)

Anyway... meet Straight Line

Employee of the Month at the Ha-Hacienda )
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Just how does this guy ensnare so many to his cause? Well without using brain washing devices? Simple words and reason.

Read more... )
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Images behind the cut. )
title: batman, creator: mike w. barr, creator: trevor von eeden,char: ra's al ghul, char: talia al ghul,char: batman/bruce wayne,char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson
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...as discussed here

To keep you going until the other side of the cut just speculate on what THIS might be all about when bad guys line up against the Teen Wonder...

This is written by Mike W Barr in 1983, in "old school" mode, which means it's a story with a beginning a middle and an end, "done in one", with no need for angst or ghastly foreshadowing. It's also pencilled by Curt "I probably drew Superman more often professionally than anyone else in HISTORY" Swan so drink it up, it's some goooood stuff!
Also starring the Ductile Detective! )
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I've saved a lot of random bits of Jason adventures in 'Tec Comics over the last couple of years and upon reviewing them, there are some interesting points and foreshadowing, so after #571 was put up, I thought I'd put these up as well. Some of them are on the crisis cusp (just before, just after) so be aware of that. Let's start with what Jason's cape was used most often for:

About 30 scans of varying sizes from varied issues under the cut. )
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From Detective 571, from the marvellously retro run of Mike W Barr and Alan Davis...

As with all good stories this has been a BEAR to trim down and keep the best moments. It has everything I look for in a story like this, a great Batman and Robin dynamic (This was one of the last issues to feature Jason Todd 1.0 (or it might be early Jason Todd 2.0 depending on which side of the cusp you look on this as being), nice simple sinister plot from the villain, and the rest you'll see for yourself as this continues...

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In each issue of the DC scifi anthology "timewarp" Mike W Barr and Tom Sutton would tell these odd stories involving a female character with blond hair who had a fondness for red clothing. They really put her through the sexual/adventure paces. She was never supposed to be the same character,but the always relied on the same formula.

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B&R is making me reread my old Jason issues. This is from Detective 579, i.e. features the Post-Crisis version through Mike Barr's Pre-Crisis-tinted script.


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