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Mike "Ringo" Wieringo is an artist we lost far too soon, and whose crips, clean work I always enjoyed; The Flash (Where, along with Mark Waid, he created Impulse), Spider-Man, Superman, Robin, The Fantastic Four and many others.

I am far from alone in that opinion of him. Mike was an incredibly popular creator, for his work, his mentoring of other artists and just generally being a thoroughly decent human being. (Ten years after his death, his DeviantArt account is still maintained at Core level by the donation of fans)

And this is quite the memorial! )

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This is mostly because I can't believe someone didn't get around to posting this before. Art like this ought to get more (aheh) coverage.

Tumblr artist Mike Lunsford recently made the Huffington Post for his redesigns of iconic Superheroines with costumes that were functional, recognisable, stylish...and fully-covered.

Behold! Trousers, Leggings and Blouses! )
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a night out at the pub!


This is an unsual issue in that it has four different pencillers; David Williams, Mike Wieringo, Jeff Moy and Mike Miller, the art shifts are a little jarring at times, and Brian Braddock's hair approaches the hilarious at times, but try not to let that distract you..

Hi-jinks ensue )
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Boy I've been posting a LOT this weekend haven't I? And I'm not quite done yet.

August 12th is two sad anniversaries for comics fans; (Postscript - Having just heard of the passing of the legendary Joe Kubert today, that's THREE sad anniversaries for the 12th August)

Mark and Mike RIP )

And the meat of this post. DP7 #1 )
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Okay, so another poster has been faithfully posting some of the many Bloodlines annuals (and a tip of the hat to [personal profile] pyrotwilight for that). Recently we saw the Flash Bloodlines annual, from the summer of 1993. As we know, many of the Bloodlines characters either were never seen again or were used very little. A few managed their own short-lived series...and with one exception they all failed to last a year or so. Many were killed off in later events as yard trash in later events, such as Infinite Crisis.

But not all of these annual characters were just thrown away. Part of it depended on the title in question. Mark Waid (smack dab in the middle of his classic Flash run) created Argus. A few months after Bloodlines, he showed up in Flash #86...not their first meeting, but their first real interaction since the annual.

This is how it went down. )
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Nobody requested this post.

It doesn't fit into any set theme for theme month.

It isn't even anything hot off the presses.

But it's something that I think is pretty cool - the origin of Mr. Fantastic. Not the character, the name.

This collects the oft-reprinted and emulated Fantastic Four #1, the crib scene in Waid/Wieringo's first issue of Fantastic Four (v3 #60) and extracts from this summer's autumn's Ataque del M.O.D.O.K.
In the beginning... )
And Mark Waid has himtelling the story to Valeria )

And the much promised secret origin from this year's visually arresting Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K.! )
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As it appears to be the first day of the 30 Days of scans event, I bring you my favourite female character. Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers.

Except, this isn't Carol Danvers. Well, it is. It's just not our Carol Danvers. This is Other Carol, the woman who should have, were I writing it, been the Ms. Marvel in the Dark Avengers, or at least the final villain in Reed's Ms. Marvel run instead of Mystique.

This is from #9 of Reed's Ms. Marvel, back when he gave a fudge for the title. Art is by the late Mike Wieringo. It's just after the Civil War arc that probably killed most people's good feelings towards the title.

The context is that Rogue appears at Carol's apartment, demanding an explanation from Carol as to why she attacked her. They find a Warbird in Carol's apartment and the three of them fight. Then, after fighting, we get to questions.

That could have been me )
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It's been three years to the day since we lost Mike Wieringo, as talented an artist, as genuine a creator, and by every single account I've ever come across, astoundingly GOOD a man as we are likely to be privileged to know, or at least know the work of.

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are three pages from Fantastic Four #60/489. Since I did a DOOM! post, I figured a RICHARDS! post was the way to go.

These pages have been posted before and probably will again. But they fit because this is Reed Richards when he's written the right way.

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As promised, the Awesome Arach-Kid features in this evening's post. Mixing the abilities of Spider-Man with the impish charm of Superboy gives us...

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Greetings True Believers! After spending a week singing the praises of Doctor Doom, I'd thought I'd spend a moment on his most accursed foe. Reed Richards. Sometimes a story or scene or even a panel so perfectly defines a character, you kind of want to frame it. Another perfect example is the one Quicksilver X-Factor page by He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. This was posted on the Scans_Daily-That-Was. But I felt that it deserved another round.

These scans are from Fantastic Four #60/489. The story is that Reed has hired a PR firm to power up the image of the FF. So this PR agent follows them around for week and gets to know them. He realizes the true heroic natures of Reed/Sue/Ben and Johnny. But everyone wonders, why did Reed hire them in the first place? Why does he care? Find out.

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