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Archaia Entertainment did something a little different for FCBD, rather than a comic, they released a hardback, bound compendium of some short stories serving as teasers or lures for their titles.

There's a charming "Labyrinth" short story about Hoggle and the Worm (Remember him?), an equally charming "Mouse Guard" tale. A visually interesting, but rather confusing "Dapper Men" story, an altogether odd "Cursed Pirate Girl" story, and a weird little tale called "Rust" teasing a longer story about a young boy trying to keep his family's farm together when his father is lost in a devastating world war, and another young kid, Jetpack Jones who crashes into the barn one day and stays to help out.

Some of those make me want to read more, some make me wonder what the creator is smoking, but I applaud the quality of the product throughout, and then there's this little gem of a quirky Western, which definitely makes me want to read the forthcoming graphic novel

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