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So I have been reading through the Mega Man series, thanks to posts made here (I had read a bit of it before, but hadn't decided to pick up the whole thing till recently).

And I really just wanted to share the emotional journies of original character Tempo (aka Quake Woman), and Blues (aka Break Man, aka Proto Man) so far.

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By far one of the best books coming out at the moment is Megaman by Archie Comics. It manages to have the fun of the classic game series in a more story filled way and. I don't know. I can't describe it well. It's just so fun.

7 1/3 pages from a 22 page story plus a one page bonus comic from the back.

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He's the fighting robot, Megaman!

I realized while there's been an occasional post about some of the series we never really opened with the first issue's story proper so here 6 1/3 pages from this issue (as 1 page was already posted in a previous preview post).

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As many may know Megaman has a comic of his own over at Archie Comics right now that seems to be selling like hot cakes at least thus far.

Issue 5 is soon to arrive but here's a fun two page bit from issue 3 ,bringing the page count to 6 here, from the issue which is a usual 22 page story. Plus a fun little out of story bonus page (each issue has one so far) from the end of the issue. Plus the villains variant cover featuring Fireman.

Now watch as Megaman battles the unstoppable Fireman!

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Beginning next week, the first issue of Archie's new Mega Man comic will be available in comic shops (and if you subscribe, then you get a free two-sided poster autographed by artist Patrick Spaziante).

After the cut are the first few preview pages (now linked, by request), plus the covers for issue 1. To learn more about the series and see the two covers for each of the upcoming issues, click here.

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