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- or, "The One In Which Nothing Happens." No, really. Nothing happens. Certainly this "Red Robin Reborn!" stuff from the cover:

 photo p2_teentitans20_preview.jpg

doesn't happen.

We do learn that earth-time and azarath-time move differently, and in earth-time it's only been a few weeks since Phantom Stranger sold Rachel Roth out to Trigon, but it's been a much longer time, possibly years, for Raven on Azarath. This may help explain why in earth-time scenes only about five minutes have passed since the very messy end of last issue, while Trigon takes his sweet time explaining the family history to his sons back home.

Cease your prattle a moment and all will be made clear. )

And looking at that splash, can I just say, I think Trigon prefers Raven 'cause she's the only one of his kids that's pretty?

"Next Issue: The Teen Titans Battle The Brothers Trigon - With The Fate of NYC In The Balance!"
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Wow, nobody's posted Suicide Squad yet? Okay then. It's part 1 of 2 "Discipline & Punish." 4 pages.

A-okay - 'Weltschmerz' is a word. )

Tag notes: There's no tag for Voltaic; there is a tag for the other character in these pages, but I'm leaving it off for now so's not to spoil the reveal. There's also no tag for writer Ales Kot.
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Sleek New Character Banners for Marvel's 'The Avengers' Assembled!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can see the rest H E R E! Though Fury and Loki look by far the best imho. 

FOR LEGALITY: Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 #11 - ~naked avengers )
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This, believe it or not, is me posting an entry for One Perfect Moment from the pen of Devin Grayson!

Now, my dislike for her general work is well known here, but credit where it is due, I have always said that she is capable of doing very nice vignettes, little character beat moments that ring very true and are great fun.

In this moment from Nightwing 86, Dick has been out daredeviling on his new souped up motorbike, and in the course of taking out a motorcycle gang, has managed to reopen an injury AGAIN. Babs, who Dick is now living with a lot of the time, decides that she's had enough of dealing with his careless approach to his own health and, basically, tattles to his Dad about his behaviour.

For most characters that would be a perfect moment in and of itself, but since it's Alfred, it's standard operating procedure.... However that's not what I'm posting this for.

This is... )
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The penultimate issue of Kurt Busiek's run on The Avengers brought a close to the Kang War by showing the reconstructive and mourning efforts. As part of the story, Iron Man, after the Avengers learn that Duane Freeman, who'd been their Washington security liason since almost the beginning of Busiek's run, had died in Kang's radiation attack on D.C., asks to be the one to meet his brother when the brother arrives to collect Duane's personal belongings.

Unfortunately, I don't have the issues with the fight that they mention (but from what I remember, it was a doozy), but here's the meeting between Tony and Derek, and Tony's actions afterward.

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I feel this is merited.

So for those of you who don't know yet, there's been a Deadpool movie confirmed as a spinoff of Wolverine... check here for more information: Deadpool Movie

In honour of this, I felt it necessary to post a couple of my favourite scans from Cable and Deadpool issue 21, featuring Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Weasel and the deliciously campy B.A.D. girls, contract mercenaries who were hired to steal the same thing that everyone else wants.

Under here. )


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