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'I mean, Panther annexed Canada and stole Stark Industries—a real center of national security concern—with a single phone call. Somebody, somewhere else in the Marvel U, should have noticed that. Panther revealed an unthinkable military capacity for Wakanda—and nobody else anywhere else in the Marvel U had even a single concern about it. Which, of course, was ridiculous. Panther’s relationship with the Avengers had grown contentious and they were (at least in Panther’s book) openly suspicious of him and his motives if not fearing outright for his sanity. But none of this was reflected back at us from mainstream Marvel books, many of which Tom oversaw. Trying to mainstream Panther was, at the end of the day, foolish because Panther was still The Other, existing in a parallel Marvel Universe when, to be true to continuity, by the time Panther revealed these massive mother ships that could wipe out entire continents, the Avengers should have said, “Okay, that’s enough—time to shut this guy down.” Instead, other writers ignored us, ignored the universe-spanning implications of what we were doing.' - Christopher Priest

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"With Panther, I should mention I’ve always wanted to write Batman and DC has never let me write Batman. So I was going to make him Marvel’s Batman. While not being a direct copy or parody, he would be this sort of dark avenger who was relatively infallible and always 10 steps ahead of his prey." - Christopher Priest

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- or, "The One In Which Nothing Happens." No, really. Nothing happens. Certainly this "Red Robin Reborn!" stuff from the cover:

 photo p2_teentitans20_preview.jpg

doesn't happen.

We do learn that earth-time and azarath-time move differently, and in earth-time it's only been a few weeks since Phantom Stranger sold Rachel Roth out to Trigon, but it's been a much longer time, possibly years, for Raven on Azarath. This may help explain why in earth-time scenes only about five minutes have passed since the very messy end of last issue, while Trigon takes his sweet time explaining the family history to his sons back home.

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And looking at that splash, can I just say, I think Trigon prefers Raven 'cause she's the only one of his kids that's pretty?

"Next Issue: The Teen Titans Battle The Brothers Trigon - With The Fate of NYC In The Balance!"
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Wow, nobody's posted Suicide Squad yet? Okay then. It's part 1 of 2 "Discipline & Punish." 4 pages.

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Tag notes: There's no tag for Voltaic; there is a tag for the other character in these pages, but I'm leaving it off for now so's not to spoil the reveal. There's also no tag for writer Ales Kot.


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