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J.M. DeMatteis wrote "The Death of the Red Skull" saga that went to CAPTAIN AMERICA #300. CAPTAIN AMERICA #294 covers a small but important part, where Steve Rogers wants to talk to Bernie Rosenthal about their relationship.

The art is by Paul Neary, who gives everything a very strong Steve Ditko vibe.

Bernie knows melodramatic acting )
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There has been a lot said, and rightly so, in praise of making the Flash's Rogues less of a bunch of competing villains (a la Gotham), and something closer to a criminal fraternity.

However, they weren't always like that, and it was William Messner-Loeb who pretty much started that trend in 1989. That last one in particular is a "Villains being Awesome" post in it's own right.

Some years before that though, back in 1985 to be exact, over in the Marvel Universe another set of villains became something more than the norm.

From Serpent Squad to Serpent Society )
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[personal profile] auggie18's earlier post and the resulting discussion about heroes in Limbo reminded me of the epilogue of Ka-Zar the Savage #34. The final issue of the series where Ka-Zar ends up (once again) in the Land of Cancelled Heroes.
6 pages of a 32 page comic )
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J.M. DeMatteis' excellent origin for the Red Skull expanded on what Jack Kirby had already established and made him even more twisted and unredeemable. I love this Red Skull because it shows that from an early time there was something deeply wrong with his head. DeMatteis doesn't really try to psychoanalyse him away - he just writes him as being consumed by an incomprehensible hatred for all life, including his own, a hatred he then channeled into wonderfully horrible projects.

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Welcome once again, to the major comics crossover event that made readers say, "...Wait, What?"

We're throwing comics at the wall here to see what sticks. (why yes, I have just finished a Portal 2 binge.)

Combining (broadly) the Doom Patrol and X-Force, two misfit bands of tragic mutants led by a rather unbalanced, near-sociopathic Futurist gets us...

Those misfits, misfits of science (ha)... )

14 1/3 pages behind the cut, 7 from X-Patrol #1 and 7 1/3 from Exciting X-Patrol #1.
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I wasn't all that enthused for the new DC retroactive series, but the description for this one caught my eye.

Mike W. Barr did some wonderful work with Jason, and I hope this new comic will remind us that, once upon a time, Jason DID have some upbeat moments and he did have a good relationship with Bruce. Quite apart from my affection for the character, I think painting him as such an obvious bad seed right from the start makes Bruce look like a damn fool for not spotting that. I also prefer characters to be multi-faceted - it's not fun OR realistic to paint Jason as never having known a happy moment or a friendly relationship with anyone in the world ever...

4 pages from 'tec #574 that get it right )
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Greetings True Believers!

I love old-school OHMUs. I picked up a handful at Wizard-Con. I really like the art and the way they really went all-out with the bios and power descriptions.

I picked out few examples of my favorite art from the stack I bought. WARNING! 80s fashion and hair-cuts ahoy!

Wave back at Devil Dinosaur!

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Fresh off the presses at CBR: Louise Simonson is slated to do a five-issue X-Factor: Forever limited series.

This surprises me, but not in a bad way. Between this and Claremont's New Mutants: Forever coming up, I wonder if it's an indication of X-Men: Forever selling better than expected. I do like What Ifs when they're not blatant "This is why our way was better, STFU" responses to recent storylines, and if this leads to, oh say, Alan Davis drawing and writing an Excalibur: Forever limited, then Marvel may be getting some money out of me. Sadly, I don't think there's any way in the world we would ever get John Byrne on an Alpha Flight: Forever. *sigh*

Thoughts? Wishlists?

Old school Excalibur beneath the cut )
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From Detective 571, from the marvellously retro run of Mike W Barr and Alan Davis...

As with all good stories this has been a BEAR to trim down and keep the best moments. It has everything I look for in a story like this, a great Batman and Robin dynamic (This was one of the last issues to feature Jason Todd 1.0 (or it might be early Jason Todd 2.0 depending on which side of the cusp you look on this as being), nice simple sinister plot from the villain, and the rest you'll see for yourself as this continues...


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