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Bandette #3

From the Eisner-nominated series by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, I give you the first meeting between Bandette and her archrival, Monsieur:

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Bionic Woman #3

  So the new Bionic Woman and her friend go shopping for fine armaments and the like and this thing happens. I am considering skipping the trade-wait and just buying up the singles, now. 

One page of a five page preview. The rest of the preview is up at CBR.

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This looks like it could be fun - Meet Bandette

A domino mask, a red tunic, a black cape with yellow lining... and yet not who you might presume I would be posting about.

And here are two other words which should grab your attention

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Two slices of Jim Henson genius

My love for the genius that was Jim Henson is fairly well known here I think.

So for Archaia Entertainment to have out, almost simultaneously, two different hardcover publications based on his work (and another to come in the shape of a Labyrinth novella) is a source of unparalleled joy (Well, pretty much unparalleled, within limits y'know) so I want to share these with you all!

First up

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And then

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Thor/Nova/Valkyrie: road-trip!

Greetings True Believers!

There is more from the Marvel Adventures universe!

One of the things I like best about the MAverse lately is how Thor and Valkyrie have seemingly adopted Nova.

This time, Nova accompanies them on a mission through the Asgardian Underworld.


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Pirate Thor!

Greetings True Believers!

There are few universal truths but one of them is this: Marvel Adventures will make it all better.

For example, Thor and pirates!


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Deadpool in Marvel Adventures!

Greetings True Believers!

To my knowledge Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #4 is the only time Wade has appeared in the MAverse.

He chews the scenery and leads the Avengers on a merry chase through New York City.


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I Am An Avenger #2

I was surprised nobody posted this a few months ago, but it may have been overshadowed by the pie-eating contest short story.

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Guest starring Ms. Marvel

Since Brian Reed stopped being interested in her series (which was then cancelled) and the first incarnation of the Bendis' Mighty Avengers finished (both of which seem to coincide right about Secret Invasion), Ms. Marvel's not had a lot to do in the Marvel universe. She's been Avengers wallpaper, occasionally coming to the fore when something needs to be hit and stand in crowd scenes.

I don't believe that she's even had notable gust star spots, except in Black Widow and the Marvel Girls. As you can see from the cover, this series carries Marvel's guarantee of good, clean, done-in-one superhero storytelling. For those new to Marvel comics, just look for the TOBIN mark on the cover. In this instance, it's next to the barcode at the bottom of the page.

This series tells the story of Natasha's development from raw recruit in the Soviet secret service (she's literally a child in #1) and her rise through the ranks and SHIELD. It's essentially Black Widow team up, featuring Storm, Wasp, Enchantress and Ms. Marvel

We're in Ashdod, Israel, where Natasha is on the hunt for Ms. Marvel. She leaves the hotel room that Ms. Marvel has been staying at and on the street sees somebody drive a van into a building.

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What happens next? More? I heartily recommend this
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Spider-Girl #1 - Four Shadowing

One more reason to check out this fine book is the back-up story in which Gil Corazon goes to the Baxter Building to interview the Fantastic Four with very young (and cute) in tow. Here's a couple of pages.

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Spider-Girl #1

Ok, I have some very minor nitpicks about this issue mainly about the fact we still don't know why Anya's powers aren't working, and the villain coming out of left field but... I have to say as a fan of teen superhero books every since the days of Superboy/Impulse/Young Justice, this probably the most fun I've had reading a comic in months. So yeah... it's on my pull list now. Anyway here's the first four pages.

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There's also a back=-up story in which a very young Anya meets the Fantastic Four. I'll try to find some scans from it soon.
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Amazing Spider-Man 648 - The Girl's All Right With Me

Somewhat over-looked in between the talk of a new creative team, a toyetic new costume, the return of the Hobgoblin, and a misguided attempt at convincing America that someone actually likes Carlie Cooper as a romantic interest there was a really nice little 9-page Araña back-up story where Anya and Spider-Man team-up.

Incidentally Marvel's actually set-up an official Spider-Girl Twitter. Just because Nomad wasn't in this story doesn't mean there wasn't subtext.

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