A-Force #9

Oct. 14th, 2016 08:05 pm
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'I never expected to love writing Medusa and Dazzler so much for example, but I quickly found things I adored about both of them – in Alison a real humanity and vulnerability that I didn’t expect, and with Medusa, well, the bitchy bored “better than you” thing is just always fun.' - Kelly Thompson

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Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Paulo Siqueria

According to guide I'm following for Countdown to Final Crisis, this was a sort of a tie-in that would lead into something that happened in weekly series. So, here we go then...

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"They're very much on opposite sides of the spectrum of plausibility and ways of doing Batman pretty much — one's super grim and the other is the opposite." -- Grant Morrison

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Schmevil and I were talking Ms. Marvel the other day and the notion of reintroducing one of our favourite characters to the community. I'm not that interested in posting large chunks of Carol's history, so I'll stick to some of the cooler moments from her Brian Reed solo series.

We begin after Secret Invasion, with the Ascension teaser )
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Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne. Yeah, they hooked up in the DCAU, but in the DCU, they're just friends.

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