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The many great post with Marvel's Valhalla, did inspire me to post somthing from Peter Madsen's Valhalla. In which some learns a valuable lessons and others don't

The excellent scanlations is not mine

Probably NSFW in some places of the world. 17 pages out of 54 )
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Cattle die
kinsmen die
all men are mortal.
Words of praise
will never perish
nor a noble name.

Sorry I have not scantranslated these scans. I might do that in the future but right now I have only time for an intro. But feel free to ask questions, and I will try to answer them

13 pages out of 56 under the cut )
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This is nr. 5 in Peter Madsens Valhalla serie, scans and translation is
not my own. Utgards-Loki have tricked Loki take care of the jotunn child
Quark. But Thor and Sif , whom Loki lives with, can’t stand Quark for
good reasons. And Thor demands that Loki deliver Quark back to
Utgards-Loki, what they don’t know is that was Utgards-Loki plan all
along, because wanted to trick Thor into a series of contents, who are designed to be unbeatebal for anybody.

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Probably one of the better known nordic myth, and I think that it's in this second Valhalla comic, that Peter Madsen really find his form.

Thor's hammer has been stolen, Loki gets the job to find out who did it, and where the hammer is. The problem is more why the hammer got stolen, as they find out.

13 pages of fan scan translated comic (not mine translation)  )
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Valhalla: Cry Wolf (1979) is the first album of fourteen albums of Peter Madsen's Valhalla. The stories are built loosely over the Elder Edas with Thor and Loki as some of the central figures.

More information can be found here

The Fenris wolf is loose, and the Gods are having a meeting to plan what to do )
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Repost from old scans-daily, which now follows the new rules.

Peter Madsen have illustrated H. C. Andersen story The story of a mother When I saw the story in a book shop, I took a look at it, with really no intention of buying it. I looked at some of the pages, and then I bought it. And which I have then scan-translated, to the best of my English abilities,

pages from Peter Madsen comic  )


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