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"We wondered if he thought a planet full of women could ultimately rebuild society and sustain itself once again. Vaughan was surprisingly optimistic on that front. "Yes, I do think it could. There were a lot of people early on in the first year who complained, "Wow, this is such a misogynistic book to say that, because the men died, the women can't get the electricity running all over the world and the airports up and running again." I think that's an extremely complex, extremely difficult thing to deal with. When three billion people die, I don't care what their sex was, that's an incredibly difficult thing to come back from. I will say that the world would be better off than if it were just the men left. I think that would be an even more dire situation. I think there is hope for the planet."

Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2008/02/02/y-the-last-man-the-end-of-an-era?page=5

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Last year for this theme I posted the airplane peanuts/"you need to meet more women..." scene from ...err.. somewhere near the end of Y: The Last Man

This year, another fun moment! (well for me at least) in the Yorick/355 interaction.
Many of their conversations in general qualify as "perfect moment", but this one is #2 on the fav list!

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next year: the scene in that last issue that makes everyone cry like a bitch! (great scene tho. Read the series just for that if nothing else)
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I dun know why, but those last 2 panels totally sum up the series for me

so what better thing to do in middle of crazy-early AM hours than share with the interwebz!

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