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"I know it's a very far-fetched scenario and that's why it's an entertaining comic book. At the same time, I'm the type of guy who feels that insecurity on these tiny levels, even when I see a guy like -- I hate to pick on him -- but Kanye West. This is a guy who's extremely talented and a great musician, but his ego is insane. He's in this position of power culturally where a lot of people are listening to what he's saying. Every time I see someone like that and they say disappointing, ego-maniacal or amoral stuff, it kind of scares me. Or if I'm at a party and I see some guy being picked on passive-aggressively because someone else wants to feel cool. These things scare and disturb me. They make me wonder about the nature of our society and if humans really just want to fuck each other over. Or, at least, a lot of us. If we were given the freedom to just do whatever the hell we wanted and be dicks and kill and rape and maim, would we do it? I think the sad part is that a lot of people would."

- Max Bemis

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"I was inspired a lot by, and I know this is a controversial book for some readers, but “Crossed,” the Avatar book? I think it hits home for so many people, considering how freaking crazy it is, is that beyond the initial outbreak in that we don’t really know why everyone has turned into sociopaths or depraved deviants, everything that happens around it is super realistic. When someone is disembowled, it looks really real and it feels threatening. That actually figured into my thoughts; what if you take away the component of “this couldn’t happen because there is no plague-like outbreak,” what if it was just people doing it because they wanted to do it? Because people are fucked up?"

- Max Bemis

Warning for Violence and Gore

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"The basic idea is that we're doing the prequel to every genre movie ever that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where an evil empire is ruling the world: "The Matrix," "Star Wars," even if you want to expand a little bit, there's "The Walking Dead," where there's some kind of supernatural force involved. There's always something that has taken over the world, some kind of dark leader, and a smarmy rebel has to come and save the world. This is usually where a lot of movies and comic books start. We thought, "How can you tell the story of our modern society evolving into this megalomaniacal, post-apocalyptic, evil empire?"

- Max Bemis

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Picked up Adventure Comics #528 today, still following the adventures of the current crop of Legion Academy students and teachers. It's not a big blockbuster issue, just connective tissue wrapping up a little old business and bringing the Academy folks into the current big Legion of Super-Heroes/Legion of Super-Villains donnybrook. But I did find one or two nuggets of mild interest, and so am posting a cover preview and two panels here.

Graduation Day )

This is one of those jobbies with two sets of pencillers/inkers, which makes for a jarring transition about halfway through the ish. Of the two I think I prefer the first section, which according to the signature on the splash page was pencilled by Geraldo Borges.
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After a week of announcements, we now have the full roster for Robert Kirkman's Guardians of the Globe series. CBR has some info on the raison d'etre of the series, namely that Invincible will be tied up in Viltrumite War, so this will focus on what happens to the rest of the world while he's busy. It's a six issue mini that's going to make the Guardians of the Globe team actually be global, which is quite cool.

Guardians of the Globe Roster )
So... two existing characters and three new ones from the announced five. The current Guardians of the Globe plus alumni will also feature, apparently. I'm looking forward to it, since.. you know... it's Invincible. Art is by Ransom Getty, who drew Skull Kill Krew.


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