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As you may have gathered over my time on Scans_daily, I have something of a penchant for collecting commissioned art. It's great fun and when you get it in person you can chat with the artist and end up with some good memories as well as a nice piece of art.

Even when you're dealing with folks via e-mail (which happens a lot with me as I'm stuck in the UK with fewer convention oportunities and fewer big name artists being available when you do (with some exceptions), it's usually a delightful experience, and I think those of us who partake in such experiences would recommend it for others...

However, there's always some bugger making it harder for the rest of us...

No more sketches.... )

And an interesting aside about a certain artists tracing tendencies...

Northstar's Sameface Syndrome... )

Legality scans )
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For those who recall the fairly spectacular crash and burn of Dreamwave comics, which gained the Transformers comics licence from Hasbro in the early 2000's, and which finished in a cloud of unpaid freelancers and debts suggested at being around a quarter of a million dollars, with some hints that money had been hived off by the President of Dreamwave, Pat Lee.

From a most unexpected interview between Pat Lee and Rich Johnston at www.bleedingcool.com (Which Johnston compares to George W Bush asking to be interviewed by Michael Moore)

Less than meets the eye! )


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