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In a B plot about family pride, New Super-Man does New Battle for the Cowl! Also, everything is a Hogwarts AU, even the Justice League.

Plus, I-Ching is right where he wants to be in life. Check it!

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Art: Richard Friend, Viktor Bogdanovic

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In his best issue yet (maybe one of DC's Top 5 last week), Kenan Kong gets a neat, version-exclusive power gimmick!

Plus, Super-Man resembling "'Wonder' Years" Tim Drake, and Bat-Man resembling Bob's Burgers' Gene Belcher. Check it!

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Art: Richard Friend, Viktor Bogdanovic

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"One of the things I was really drawn to about her is, she has such integrity and that she really is the balance in-between. Batman is that really gritty, dark hero, Superman is really -- I don't want to say almost god-like, but he's really pure. She sort of combines the best of both of them and she has a lot of character. I think the thing that drew her to me the most was her integrity and the courage of her convictions. She may not always be right, but she's going to follow through and do what she believes in, whether anyone else believes in it or not. I really love that she's willing to take a flying leap and then deal with the consequences later." - Meredith Finch

Writer: Meredith Finch
Artist: David Finch
Inker: Richard Friend
Colorist: Sonia Oback

You know... I'm surprised no one has done a post on this yet. Some of the later issues sure, but the first few issues of the Finches run on Wonder Woman? Nothing. As such, let's change that and spotlight their first issue.

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