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It may, or may not, be well known, that Popeye was never meant to be a star.

Olive Oyl and her original boyfriend, Harold Hamgravy, was the original star of "Thimble Theatre (Which debuted over 90 years ago in 1919). The style changed a little, and introduced her brother Castor, who was always up to some comedic enterprise or other.

Then on January 17 1929, a story required Castor hiring a boat

...and a legend was born )

Popeye's history is probably worth a series of posts of their own, and I think we might have had some a couple of S_D incarnations ago.

By why mention that now, since I'm not planning on making such a series of posts? Well, because of Bela Lugosi, that's why...

Preview from Bela Lugosi's Tales From The Grave #2 )


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