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(He'd got it saving the Joker's life.)

The wound wouldn't close, despite Alfred's best efforts.

" The Stag's ancient sickness will creep. " said the Shadow.

" The strike will kill him in time..

" Batman is dead. "

" Not yet. " )
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(He'd been caught by surprise.)

The Joker and the Stag had him rigged up.

Before an audience of Gotham's other terrors, the Joker exposited.

Batman strained. )
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(He'd done it in Crime Alley.)

The killer they'd been after, the Stag, had escaped them.

Batman wanted that horned fiend quantified.

And constrained, of course. )
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He'd found him in the place of Henri Ducard.

They fenced, wooden sword to wooden sword.

Batman wanted him for the death of Lamont Cranston.

" Why kill your descendant? "

" Cranston is but one of many faces I've worn over the centuries. " said the Shadow.

He went on, ascribing the modern-day Cranston's death to another: " The Stag has come for Gotham's best, Bruce. Reason will not defeat him. "

" Convenient alibi. But I won't play your game. "

" This is no game. It is a glimpse of the world you've found.. "

The Shadow exposited to Batman.  )
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It was a joint DC/Dynamite publication.

It opened on Bruce Wayne in the Alps, asking Henri Ducard to help him solve a mystery.

The mystery was a murder in Gotham.

He'd arrived at the crime scene and asked Captain Montoya for a moment alone. )
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"This ain't company hype. I read this comic last week and I had to read the second part twice to make sure it really was as good as I thought it was." - Brian Michael Bendis

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"You guys sold out EVERY issue of DC Metal - but even more shocking, EVERY issue of the Dark Knights books. Pushing Batman Who Laughs well over 100k. THAT means we get to keep the character (maybe others too). So thank you. When you guys support new characters like Batman Who Laughs, Signal, Spider Gwen, Ms Marvel, the New Age of Heroes characters... they stay." - Scott Snyder

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The Joker and the Stag (the ritual murderer of exemplars introduced in last year's Batman Annual) knocked him out.

He woke up restrained.

" Exciting! " smiled the Joker.

" I wasn't sure you'd wake up this time. "

Batman took in his surroundings. )
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Let's face it, we all knew a crossover was coming eventually in Rebirth. Now, DC did say there would be breaks to allow the bi-weekly series to stay on schedule. This sounds like this crossover over will be that.

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Bad Therapy

Mar. 6th, 2013 08:47 pm
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So, Bedlam is continuing to be an alternatively fascinating and horrifying book, with a main character who is... much the same. We know who he was, but what does that mean we should think of who he is now? Especially considering what he went through to get there...

Spoilers for Bedlam #1, 2, 3 and 5, and warnings for blood and gore and horror and some nudity, and also a really strong warning (seriously, really strong) for animal abuse in this post. )

The capitalization's deliberate, by the way. It's not totally clear, but it seems like the guy's name actually is "The Good Doctor". How... ironic.
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Batman's swinging along and sees two gang members about to kill another one for stealing? We all know what he's going to do. The man known currently as Fillmore Press, on the other hand, does things a leetle differently.

Spoilers for Bedlam #1, and warnings for blood and violence and horror and such throughout this post. )

Yikes. Of course, this makes a more sense when you realise who exactly he was in a different life. We don't know precisely how his mind was changed, but a series of flashbacks paint a picture that's a wee bit disturbing. And then there's his therapist...

Spoilers for Bedlam #2 )

I have to say, I'm really enjoying this so far. It's not a comic for the easily disturbed (there's a sequence in the latest issue that you should probably not read if you're an animal lover), but it's intriguing and weird enough for me to really want to know what's going to happen next.
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Interesting new series coming from Image Comics. Apparently about a murderous maniac who "gets better" and what happens afterwards.

3 Images from CBR.

Slight warning for blood and language. )
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The Silent Hill series, like most everything else, got a fair share of spinoffs once it got popular. The comics, however, were almost all awful, as one of the abiding characteristics of Silent Hill tie-ins is that they're inevitably done by people who don't understand why the games work as well as they do. The key is that the best games in the series are more psychological than anything else, and the people working on Silent Hill: Past Life seem to actually get that.

Past Life began a few months ago, and is set in the years immediately following the Civil War, when Silent Hill and the towns surrounding it are still small and largely unremarkable. Jebediah, a former soldier and outlaw with a violent past, is coming to Silent Hill with his pregnant wife Esther to make a fresh start.

Silent Hill loves that kind of thing.

seven pages from issue #1 )


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