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I KNOW I'm way overdue for posting some Nightwing scans..

...which hasn't been fair as some of the recent stories have been rather good, but having just seen THIS from Nightwing #38, if I didn't post this IMMEDIATELY, I suspect I would need to resign from Scans_Daily forthwith..

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Adapting Green Lantern for the CW: Green Lanterns #15

We accidentally blackballed this issue before covering the Batman/Green Lanterns arc, so let's go into it now as an example of how Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz could work, TV-wise.
Plus, what color is an anxiety Lantern? Check it!

Words: Sam Humphries
Art: Miguel Mendonca
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Green Lanterns #7: 'Family Matters, Part 1'

Wotcher, folks! Hope your holidays went well!

Anyway, Green Lanterns presents a confrontationally admissive, but thankfully uncondemning story about mothers, sons, and the often-complicated emotional dynamics between them. Check it!

Green Lanterns #3


Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists: Robson Rocha, Tom Derenick, Jack Herbert, and Neil Edwards
Inker: Jay Leisten, Tom Palmer, Jack Herbert, and Keith Champagne
Colorist: Hi-Fi

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Green Lanterns #2 - Jessica Cruz & Her Sister


Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Robson Rocha
Inker: Jay Leisten
Colorist: Blond

It's hard to do a big and complete post on Green Lanterns currently, since it's a dense surprisingly and has a lot of story and characterization going on it. So instead, I'll just do a post on my favorite scene of the second issue.

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Jonesy #2

Cover shot of Jonesy and Susan

"You don't know Jonesy? I'm so happy you asked!"

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Jonesy #1

Cover shot of Jonesy spraypainting a stencil

Four pages in a row from my favorite current comic Jonesy, written by Sam Humphries who has done a lot of Marvel stuff and drawn by Caitlin Rose Boyle.

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