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One of the most memorable of the many memorable aspects of the Batman Animated Universe was the way it dealt with it's villains.

Yes some were monsters in every sense of the word, but nearly all of them had, at their core, a human nature, a human frailty which had pushed them beyond the pale (often, but not always, a dark reflection of some aspect of Batman's own psyche).

Be it Mr Freeze's genuine love for his wife becoming an obsession to isolate himself from emotion, or Baby Doll being an adult woman forever trapped by genetics in the body of a child, or the Mad Hatter finding himself unable to interact with the woman he loves (or at least desires) because he's cripplingly shy.... That doesn't excuse their actions of course, but it does give them something for a viewer to relate to at some level and that was a powerful thing in the hands of skilled writers (and the comics reflected that too, to their eternal credit).

Take THIS guy for example.... )
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This is from Gotham Adventures #28,

The Riddler has staged a series of clues in an effort to lead Batman around by the nose after kidnapping a famous musician. But it's been Nightwing's knowledge of music that has been pivotal, as the musician has been hiding clues of his own in the musical cue the Riddler has been using.

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These days I don't often make a comics score at thrift stores - if I do find any they're marked according to Overstreet - but I did come up with a 12-page "special collector's edition" issue of Batman done in partnership with Kemco and inserted with the "Batman: Dark Tomorrow" game. It has lots of villains - Poison Ivy, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Killer Croc - visits with both Gordons, and guess what? Batman's 1878597879876724th Crime Alley Flashback. Two pages of 12.

Enemies....those he has an unlimited supply of... )
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Seven pages under the cut )

Tags: title: Gotham Adventures, theme: DCAU, char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, char: Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson, char: Robin/Red Robin/Tim Drake, char: Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon, char: Alfred Pennyworth, creator: Scott Peterson, creator: Terry Beatty, creator: Tim Levins
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Tags: title: Gotham Adventures, char: Robin/Red Robin/Tim Drake, char: Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson, char: Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon, char: Alfred Pennyworth, theme: dcau, creator: Scott Peterson, creator: Tim Levins, creator: Terry Beatty
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Greetings, [insanejournal.com profile] scans_daily!

It's been about eight months since I discovered s_d back on LJ, and since I'm going to be busy soon I thought I'd make my first contribution now. It also fits nicely with Positive Comics Week (which is still on, yes? Till the 20th, at least?).

This is from Batman: Gotham Adventures #22. It's seven pages from a 22-page book.

(It's bigger and clearer in context, honestly)

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I think it's been established that there are a lot of Superman fans in the DCU. A lot of people wear the t-shirts, love autographs and generally wanted to be Superman when they grow up.

I decided to post this when going through some old issues, I realised that a few of the Robins get thoroughly excited when meeting the man for the first time. These are from Legends of the DC Universe #6 [6], Action Comics #594 [4] and Gotham Adventures #36 [2]

I think 'Wow' is the keyword here. 12 scans under the cut. )
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These five pages are from Batgirl: Secret Files & Origins. The art is by Phil Noto, who is fantastic at drawing Cassandra Cain in her Batgirl costume.

This comic was my first exposure to Cassandra Cain and to modern DC comics continuity. I love it dearly.


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