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A big influence on Tom Strong was Tintin. I wanted a story that had fantastic lands and exotic adventures. Natives with paint on their faces and volcanoes erupting. -- Alan Moore

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"Goloka: The Heroic Dose" - Read more... )

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"One of the many delights of 'Pog' is Moore's inventive use of language -- what Lewis Carroll's Humpty Dumpty referred to as 'portmanteau words' [...] This hodgepodge language is a joy to read, a tribute to [Walt] Kelly's strip while still being uniquely Moore's. (As an aside, Alan maintains that once he had finished this issue, he found it difficult to write in normal English once more.)"
--Neil Gaiman, Introduction to Titan (UK) reprint ed., 1987

'You're made out of the same engreenients as the Lady.' )
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LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #44 has quite a cover. Batman could grit his teeth like that, but only in the 1990s. This was Steven Grant and Sean McManus's first Batman story.

Legends of the dark knight  #44 - Page 1

Nutshell: Batman and Gordon vs. racist cops. )
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While the "Cubs in Toyland" A-plot has been running through the past five or so issues of FABLES, the simultaneous "A Revolution in Oz" B-plot has also been chugging along smoothly.

Watch Bufkin the de-winged winged monkey as he and his revolution strive to free the Emerald Kingdom from the tyranny of Roquat, the Nome King...!

Revolutions! Public executions! Unusual punishment! Everything you expect from the Magical Land of Oz! )
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Four pages from Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #5...

Cinderella and Aladdin in Ultima Thule... )

creator: chris roberson, creator: shawn mcmanus, title: fables, publisher: vertigo


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