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"It’s an idea I’ve been playing around with for years. Alice in Wonderland was the first novel I ever read on my own as a child. I was in love with the odd characters, the bizarre songs and the puzzle-like wordplay. Then I listened to the audiobook once day while inking and thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I was an anxious mess trying to concentrate on work while listening the nonsense that used to make that book so appealing as a child.
Then we had our first kid. You can’t avoid shows like Dora The Explorer and your house becomes filled with dozens and dozens of pictures. The more I took in some of these kids books and shows, I Hate Fairyland started to come to life. I started wondering why Dora wasn’t driven absolutely nuts by that map and his two minute song consisting of only I’m The Map! I wondered why Sam I am didn’t strangle the annoying guy that insisted over and over that the eggs were clearly green and rotten.
So I though it would be fun to see what a character was like if they got all the things we think we want. To never physically age, to eat nothing but sweets and never gain weight, and live in a carefree world of whimsy with no responsibilities. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Then I thought, what happens if a character as mad as that had a big ass battle axe?"

- Skottie Young

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Warning: Contains more images than I've ever included in a single post before!

Question - What do Alex Ross, Alex Maleev, Sara Pichelli, Alan Davis, Pascal Campion, Pasqual Ferry, Joe Quinones, Simone Bianchi, Dave Dorman, Stan Sakai, Mike McKone, Dale Keown, Stephanie Hans, David Peterson, Mike Mayhew, Mike Deodato, Mark Brooks, John Tyler Christopher, Greg Land, John Cassady, Jenny Frison, Amanda Conner, Skottie Young and Bob McLeod have in common THIS WEEK?

Answer - They ALL have variant covers of Star Wars #1 coming out... and that's not even all of them!

The release of Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics this week is perhaps the publishing coup of the year, and you certainly can't say that Marvel and Disney and Lucasfilm haven't gone all out with the covers!

This is the main release cover...

Which is fine, and classic, and apporpriate and all///

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ComicBookResources has the article featuring alternate covers for the upcoming Avenger titles.

Now I know that AvX (and the Consequences) has left us all a little ragged and sour, but here are some images that may add a spoon full of sugar for your Friday.

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Personally I'm already sick of AVX, even though it hasn't even started yet.

But this variant cover is by Skottie Young

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