Dr. Fate #2

Nov. 7th, 2015 12:46 pm
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"I'm having more fun with this, I think, than anything I've written in the last several years. Some of it is because it's a journey of self-discovery, which is always a cool thing to look at, as a writer. Some of it is because I'm getting to play with the Egyptian mythology, which is a mythology I haven't ever had a chance to dive deeply into, and is rich, ill-understood, somewhat ambiguous, certainly new to the DC Universe in any significant fashion, so I can shape it a little bit there.

And hopefully, it's simultaneously a very human story and a very supernatural story. I like to think I'm channeling a little bit of my experience collaborating with Steve Ditko over the years and some of the worldviews he expressed, both in his Spider-Man work, in terms of the challenges of a young person finding himself with great powers, and some of it in terms of the magic Steve crafted in stories like his Dr. Strange or the work we did together in Mike Friedrich's Imagine many, many years ago, with his ability to envision other worlds. We'll see what I managed to learn from him.
" - Paul Levitz

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Sonny Liew
Colorist: Lee Loughridge

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"You know, the essence of the Dr. Fate concept was always, you discover a magic helmet and you become connected to the magic. That's the heart of what was there from 75 years ago. So I can't tell you whether these stories are taking place before Kent Nelson found it, instead of Kent Nelson finding it, or in an alternate world to where Kent Nelson might have found it - I'll leave that to the people who understand the Multiverse a little better than I do.

But I think it's very complementary to the historic material. And in many ways, I'd like to think it's what the original creator might have done if he was alive and writing today, within the dynamics of what comics are now.
" - Paul Levitz

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Sonny Liew
Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Let's spotlight another neat DCYou title, this time called Dr. Fate.

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So, along with Superman Secret Identity being re-released earlier in magazine form, DC re-released My Faith in Frankie.

I strongly recommend that you shell out some cash money for it, if you haven't read it already.

It's a proto-Minx book about a young woman with her own personal God - Jeriven, the God of the Heart's Fires.

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Recently, I've gone back and had a re-read of some of my Minx books. For those of you who don't know, Minx was DC's attempt at a line catering to teenage girls by publishing digest sized complete stories for sale in book shops. The line died because nobody bought them, though this is most likely because retailers didn't know whether they belonged in the young adult section or in the graphic novel section with Watchmen and Judge Dredd (i.e., not where the Twilight set might wander). There's been no talk of bringing Minx back, or even if DC want to have another go with trying a similar publishing experiment. I do half expect that the end of the next DC crossover will reveal that Drama Jane, is being brought into DC continuity so that she can be forgotten about by more readers.

This extract is from Re-Gifters by Mike Carey (now writing Unwritten and assorted X-books) and Sonny Liew (last seen in the blockbusting Sense and Sensibility. The team wrote the excellent My Faith in Frankie, which was a Minx book before there was Minx.

As for Regifters, it's the story of a (South) Korean girl living in LA called Dixie/ Dik Seong Jen/ Jen Dickson. Dixie practices hapkido and has a crush onAdam, a boy in her class. Her mum makes jewellery which she sells to a shop in Koreatown and in the first extract, Dixie is taking the latest batch to the store.  )

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Coming soon - more Minx


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