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I’ve accidentally called it Avengers Forever more than once in conversation. That’s kind of the gold standard in a lot of ways, the bar to clear. We’re doing something very different from what that was, but at the same time, we’re telling a grand story on an epic scale, and right at the core of it is the idea of what it means to be an Avenger. -- Al Ewing

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"With Ms. Marvel, Moongirl, and the up-coming series, Mosaic, The Inhuman books are not relying on metaphorical stand-in for the purposes of diversity and representation, they’re utilizing a cast that is actually diverse and more fully representative. Likewise, All New Inhumans has maintained a hugely diverse cast, both in terms of ethnicity as well as gender, nationality, sexual identity, and even the disabled." - Tumblr

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"The Inhumans don’t serve as an analogue for minority and oppressed groups the way that mutants often did. But to me — that’s not a bug in the system, that’s a feature. That territory is already well handled by the mutants. While All-New Inhumans is a team book, by the end of the first arc, you should see that the cast are on different paths as individuals. And we will see the ways they aim for very different things. It’s an opportunity to compare, contrast, and explore the way individuals around the world step up in a globalized era.

"Increasingly, the real world is filled with unique people embracing the power to change the world in all manner of ways. I see our book as exploring parallels to the opportunities, challenges, and risks that come with the spread of digital tools. People are embracing digital tools, platforms, and connections for good, bad, and the complicated space in between.

"So as new Inhumans become empowered around the world — will it turn them into the next Malala Yousafzai? Donald Trump? Edward Snowden? We live in a time when regular individuals can suddenly seize and leverage influence and power. It can pit them against their own society with massive and public results. To me, Inhumans provide an opportunity to explore more complex stories of identity — personal, cultural, national, and ideological — and the tension and friction between those." - James Asmus

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