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Death Masque 00

I can thoroughly recommend Star Wars Omnibus - Wild Space Volume 1, nearly 450 pages of odd collections of Star Wars stories, from cereal boxes, toybox comics, and many of them being back-up or filler strips in the UK Star Wars Weekly Comic (Which I have fond memories of to this day).

Because of the era, this means that some of them are by the likes of Alan Moore, and Alan Davis, then bright young things at Marvel UK. Alas some of them are only 5 pages long, and are in their own way, little gems of storytelling, but alas, hacking up a 5 page story to fit the 1/3 rule is often deeply counterproductive, so I'd rather not try (So go buy the book!)

This is a 15 page story written by Steve Moore and John Stokes on art though, from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back #149

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And now the other half of "Warrior" #10, with work by other British creators I hope you will be interested in seeing.

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Your thoughts, comments, love for the creators?

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creator: David Jackson
creator: John Ridgway
creator: Pedro Henry
creator: Steve Dillon
creator: Steve Moore
creator: Steve Parkhouse
medium: British comics
publisher: Quality Communications
title: Laser Eraser and Pressbutton
title: Shandor Demon Stalker
title: The Spiral Path
title: Warrior
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Due to some interest when I suggested I might post Jonni Future when I saw the last Tom Strong post I decided to introduce scansdaily to Jonni Future! So here's 2 and 2/3 pages from her 8 page story from the first issues of Tom Strong's Terrific Tales.

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Zirk appeared in the strip LASER ERASER AND PRESSBUTON in the British magazine WARRIOR (PRESSBUTTON was an interesting series itself and deserves an in-depth look. The psycho cyborg and his assassin partner began in some underground rock music magazines; Steve Moore (writing as "Pedro Henry") created and scripted the characters, and Alan Moore (writing as "Curt Vile" for some reason) used Pressbutton in an epic called "The Stars My Degradation" (hah).

So. Zirk is this alien who really IS alien. Flying around on his mentally controlled platform, he engages though in various unsavory illegal activities like smuggling. Mostly, he's a complete pervert who is aroused by anything with long appendages, paricularly if they wiggle. Human women appeal to him, but he'll also do it with anything from nightsquid to the severed neck of an ostrich. It's not clear what goes on here, since he apparently has no external organs (not even eyes or mouth). Maybe he does everything telepathically, stimulating his victims' pleasure centers. Or maybe he has inverted organs which emerge at the proper time. It's best not to know, but we should notice that Zirk's partners/victims becomes immensely infatuated with him. ("Love 'em and leave 'em," he smirks.)

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