Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #1

For those who don't know, Berni Wrightson once did illustrations for the novel Frankenstein and it's widely considered to be his definitive work. In my opinion its the best visual depiction of the monster.

In 2012 he started what was going to be a 13-issue miniseries with Steve Niles that served as a 'sequel' to the original novel. The second issue was delayed by a few months and the third issue by two years. As of 2017 the series remains unfinished. Given that Wrightson is sadly no longer able to draw I imagine that it will never be completed (I suppose they can find another artist but Wrightson was clearly the main selling point.)

So without further ado here is a glimpse at what might have been with the first issue.

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Frankenstein: Alive, Alive!

Note: Only one issue has come out so far, however this issue came out months ago and the second issue has been delayed. As such, I am posting seven pages.

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So if you're a fan of the original novel (or just Berni Wrightson's art) you should definitely pick yourself up a copy. Hopefully future issues will come out in time; this came out in May.

Comics are weird

Believe it or not, this comic was not written by Warren Ellis. Surprisingly.

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Simon Dark #2 and 3, 7 Pages from each.

Well, Halloweens almost over so why not make one last post? I did a post featuring the first issue last year just before Halloween kinda sad that I haven't done one in all this time.

So here's issue 2 and 3 of Steve Niles and Scott Hampton's Simon Dark. 7 pages each from 22 page story.

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Dark Days: how to kill a vampire

This is a direct sequel to 30 Days of Night, the mini that was the inspiration for the movie. After Barrow, Stella Olemaun is touring a book on the events of the first mini. For obvious reasons, most people think she's little more than a media curiosity. People who do know better are convinced she's foolishly painting a target on her back. But Stella has a plan.

5/22 from issue one of 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

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Stella and co then head to a UCLA presentation of her book. There's a pretty good turnout of bored people looking for a spectacle, and the audience she's really looking to reach - vampires. More next post (probably).

One Perfect Moment: A question about a Giant Nazi Robot

Greetings True Believers!

This page and panel from Steve Niles' "Giant Monster" has always made me laugh.

A giant monster is rampaging across America and the only thing that can stop it is a giant Nazi robot. But one inquisitive lad has an important question for the government when they launch the robot.

From the mouth of babes......

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30 Days of Night

I'm not going to post anything from the prologue or epilogue, and I'm not going to put much effort into summarizing the plot. Many of you will have seen the movie of the same name. As for the rest of you: Barrow Alaska is the northernmost settlement in North America. At the height of winter, it experiences 30 days of night. (Actually 67, but whatevs). Vampires take advantage of this. Cue panic in the streets.

What I want to do instead, is highlight the awesome art, which I'm going to say upfront, will not be to everyone's taste.

I also would have loved to show the creative team's ability to build suspense, but it doesn't seem to translate well to the SD posting format. D: So yeah, go pick up the book.

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PS. Sorry for the spam, but. Yeah. Oops.

Simon Dark #1

Since Halloween is just about here for me it's time to post a Halloween esque story, meet Simon Dark!

Meets Gotham City's greatest new hero!

If anyone really wants me to I'll continue posting after this, let me know.

I absolutely loved the Simon Dark series and while I can only show you so much hopefully you will too.