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(They'd come in through the door.)

They saw the Stag - the Stags, the many that the Shadow'd thought were one for years - laying waste to the place.

(The Joker was also there.)

There was burning and bodies. )
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(He'd got it saving the Joker's life.)

The wound wouldn't close, despite Alfred's best efforts.

" The Stag's ancient sickness will creep. " said the Shadow.

" The strike will kill him in time..

" Batman is dead. "

" Not yet. " )
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(He'd been caught by surprise.)

The Joker and the Stag had him rigged up.

Before an audience of Gotham's other terrors, the Joker exposited.

Batman strained. )
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(He'd done it in Crime Alley.)

The killer they'd been after, the Stag, had escaped them.

Batman wanted that horned fiend quantified.

And constrained, of course. )
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He'd found him in the place of Henri Ducard.

They fenced, wooden sword to wooden sword.

Batman wanted him for the death of Lamont Cranston.

" Why kill your descendant? "

" Cranston is but one of many faces I've worn over the centuries. " said the Shadow.

He went on, ascribing the modern-day Cranston's death to another: " The Stag has come for Gotham's best, Bruce. Reason will not defeat him. "

" Convenient alibi. But I won't play your game. "

" This is no game. It is a glimpse of the world you've found.. "

The Shadow exposited to Batman.  )
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It was a joint DC/Dynamite publication.

It opened on Bruce Wayne in the Alps, asking Henri Ducard to help him solve a mystery.

The mystery was a murder in Gotham.

He'd arrived at the crime scene and asked Captain Montoya for a moment alone. )
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"This ain't company hype. I read this comic last week and I had to read the second part twice to make sure it really was as good as I thought it was." - Brian Michael Bendis

Read more... )
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Electric Warriors is the kind of project that Dan [DiDio] and Jim [Lee] know they could slide across the table to me and it'll just be the most exciting thing for me. The push was 'What could have happened in the DC Universe between the Great Disaster from Kamandi – one of the darkest times for earth – and the utopian society of the Legion of Super-Heroes?' -- Steve Orlando

Read more... )
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He'd been betrayed into his clutches.

He and the leaders of Prava, the group in Blackstone that cried " Freedom! " and meant it unreservedly, listened to the king with two crowns.

" I keep these cogs scared, sell them hope, and they pay me with their work.

" People will do anything for that, Petya. Anything.

" I made Blackstone a perpetual motion machine, grinding out people's lives and feeding me the fruits of their labor. "

" Fuck you, Ivan, and your machine. "

Ivan laughed. )
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They'd come as he was meeting members of Prava.

They found the apartment empty - Piotr and the two who'd come to him were running over the roof above.

They went up to them, and were killed by Piotr.

In the aftermath, Piotr was taken to Prava.

He had it explained to him. )
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Members of Meshe Adam surrounded him.

Refusing to believe that his dead son'd been one of them, he killed them all.

Later, Meshe Adam's leader was asked about that.

" Was it them? Was it Prava? "

The answer wasn't definite. )
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It was with Petropinnacle (whose employees he'd previously beaten up).

He worked, day in and day out.

One night, he went out with friends.

They went to a bar. )
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He came and acted through time.

The JLA followed him through time, back to the coming of Ahl, God of Super-Heroes.

They found Ahl at Chronos' mercy.

They grabbed him and fell back to what would be Mount Justice in the future.

The Ray threw up a castle of light.

The forces of Chronos pounded on its walls. )
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(He'd set out after meeting his son's body.)

He made his way into Blackstone, to the docks.

There, he saw a battle between two parts of the " refinery city " - Petropinnacle and Meshe Adam.

He helped clean its aftermath up.

He was the only one who did. )
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Kiril lived a secretive life.

He chafed under its self-imposed constraints.

The people he shared it were made anxious by that.

" We love you, Kiril.

" But what we have stays here. Behind closed doors. We agreed. If we get too comfortable, bend the rules, we could make a mistake. "

" Someone could find out about us. "

" I told you, I don't care. "

He faced them. )
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Two men faced the secret masters of the world.

The two who led the Silent Seven had a third on their side- Damian Wayne, Robin, claimed by Ra's and puppeted by Khan.

Batman faced Ra's and Damian in the Seven's headquarters.

The Shadow faced Khan in the latter's mind.

He fought with the power he'd realized when Khan'd had Damian take a shot at him.

Khan overpowered him, blowing holes in his self-conception.

" You were always going to die here. " he told the defeated Shadow.

" How could you possibly hope to defeat me in my own mind? "

The Shadow answered him. )


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