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Hi folks!

When Superman the Animated Series and Batman the Animated Series were on, they had tie-in comics, the Adventures line. We've seen scans from those every so often. But there was a third title, Adventures in the DCUniverse that covered everyone else in the DCU in kid-friendly stories.

This version draws most closely on the Jerry Ordway Power of Shazam continuity. 7 pages of 22.

Say the word! Feel the power! )

Now we wait for the newest Shazam-related series to find a hole in the schedule.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Two WATCHMEN references after the cut. One in RADIOACTIVE MAN #5 is obviously a funny parody. The other IN STORMWATCH #44 is by Warren Ellis, so I'm not sure if it's a satire or an homage.

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Recently, on the whim of seeing Jason in it, I picked up Deadman: Dead Again issue #2. I'm really glad I did. It has a 'missing scene' that has probably never happened, but I found it an enjoyable read none the less.

Deadman and the Dead (male) Robin )


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