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That Wonder Woman post with Nicola Scott's art made me think of Stjepan Sejic's and his idea for a Wonder Woman design as well as his series Death Vigil. So I am making a post about Death Vigil right now
I could have made a post about Ravine but i don't have scans so... )
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A while ago, [personal profile] neo_prodigy posted a list of his favorite LGBT characters in comics, one of whom was Danielle Baptiste. She used to have the Witchblade; now she's the host of the Angelus. I pointed out in that thread that Dani was still in a will-they/won't-they concerning her relationship with her girlfriend Finch, so including her in the conversation seemed slightly premature.

As it turns out, he sorta called it.

four pages from this week's Angelus #5 )


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