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There is one story I always recommend to anybody who has never been into comics before. It's self-contained, with a clear beginning and a clear ending, long enough to show a gradual development in plot and characterization but short enough to avoid being intimidating, with an interesting mix of realism and optimism, beautifully-drawn, and starring a character that absolutely everybody and their dog's chew toy know.

This Elseworld takes place on a Earth much like our own: superheroes are characters in comics and don't exist IRL. David and Laura Kent live in a small town in Kansas, so when they have a black-haired baby they think it would be hilarious to name him Clark. Thus, little Clark grows up smothered by Superman toys, Superman comics, Superman clothes, Superman accessories and furniture and ornaments, Superman-themed birthday parties, and so many Superman jokes both well meaning (annoying relatives) and not (bullies at school).

Naturally he loathes it.

But one day, somehow, Clark gains superpowers. The story never explains how that happened, instead choosing to focus entirely on Clark's choices and growth as the first and only superhero in a world where people are less inclined to trust him and more inclined to dissect him. Good thing his wife and children have his back!

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'It’s a brand new 50-page story, through the course of which we’ll check in with all sorts of different corners of the Marvel Universe where we’ll see different things brewing with different characters. Many of those elements will then spread out into the assorted individual Legacy story arcs in the different books.' - Tom Brevoort

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Empress #1

Sep. 10th, 2017 01:14 am
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"Since 1980 every director has tried to be Ridley Scott. Flash Gordon was the end of one thing and Alien the beginning of another. It’s very interesting because we always think Star Wars shifted cinema, but in reality it was Alien and maybe even moreso with Blade Runner. The latter wasn’t a financial hit like Star Wars, but it sparked something in directors and writers. As much as I love it, Empress is the antithesis of dystopian sci-fi."

- Mark Millar

"The bad guy in this, Morax, rules ancient Earth and he utterly adores his wife and children. He’s not abusive to them in any way and actually has this strong streak of morality when it comes to his family and doing the right thing. The idea is more than she’s now in her late thirties and realises that all the things he does which keeps them in their incredible lifestyle is just unforgivable and she realises that by carving out what she thinks was a nice future for her kids she’s actually doomed them to inherit this guy’s appalling mantle. Her son is a lovely, gentle kid and she’s especially worried about how he’d cope, but the big thing is that she just wants them to have a normal life. It’s a bit like Carmella Soprano in that when she was nineteen this all seemed very glamorous, but the reality of it all has been growing on her and as she hits her late thirties she comes up with a plan."

- Mark Millar

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"I lost it when I got my first look at Ock's new costume. Dan Slott is doing incredible stuff with his AMAZING SPIDER-MAN tie-in." - Nick Spencer

"As a Jew who knows where [Secret Empire]'s going -- I can only reiterate that at its core it's about heroes rising up to fight fascism." - Dan Slott

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